156 My Love for God Will Never Change


A lifetime of hardship,

wandering through the wind and rain;

who can know the suffering He goes through?

In a humble body, He works patiently—

but man’s love is hard to gain.

He has spoken countless words

and worried His heart to pieces;

to save man, He has toiled

and bled for decades on end.

God’s heart, God’s love—

when will people truly understand them,

so that they may comfort God?

God’s words conquer my heart;

I will follow God steadfastly to the end.

I pledge loyalty to God,

so long as I have a breath left in me.


In God’s words, I understand the truth

and know how to be human.

In God’s words, I see through all things;

the truth alone is most precious.

However great the trials and tribulations,

I wish only to gain the truth.

Loving God is what is most meaningful.

I’ll fulfill my duty faithfully

and endure the final suffering

to testify to God and glorify Him.

I offer my heart up to God;

I wish only to requite His love.

God’s words purify me.

My love for God will never change.

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