157 There Is Such a Group of People

1 We are blessed to hear God’s voice and attend the banquet of the kingdom of heaven. We eat and drink of God’s words and fellowship the truth; the church life is enjoyable beyond compare. We’ve understood the truth and are freed; we sing and dance, and praise God with the greatest passion. The holy city in heaven has come to the world; we live in a cradle of happiness.

2 A police siren sounds in the distance. The soldiers of the great red dragon burst through the door. With a gunshot, they tell everyone to freeze, but we all flee desperately in every direction. We gather as always to eat and drink of God’s words. The cowards are scared out of their wits. Those who truly desire God push forward in spite of danger—there are those who dare to walk this narrow path.

3 The trial of the service-doers crushes our hearts; through refinement our tears flow into rivers. We swear oaths of loyalty to do service till the end, and through our hopelessness we see the hand of God. As we are willing to render service, we become God’s people; joy and sorrow commingling, we deeply feel indebted to God. In this trend of love for God, we are all resolved to love Him truly.

4 Passage after passage of God’s words come like a downpour of rain to judge us. They pierce our hearts like a sharp sword. All are conquered, prostrate on the ground, living in the unspeakable pain of torment. We are ashen-faced and our shame is beyond bearing. The truth of our corruption has been fully revealed. We’ve understood the truth and come to know ourselves, and we accept God’s orchestrations without complaint.

5 I’m utterly convinced by the judgment of God’s words; through trials and tribulations, I’ve attained the grace of salvation. My belief grows more practical, I have true faith, and I praise God’s almightiness and wisdom. Through trials and tribulations, I rely on Him. The incarnation is the practical God. I cannot be made to leave the true way. The “service-doer” has become my good friend.

6 I’m resolved to become a new person. Conscience and reason are the signs of humanity. Evildoers do evil things, and are exposed and eliminated. Those who practice the truth are approved by God. Our will to follow God is ironclad and we’ll remain loyal unto death; trials and tribulations make a group of overcomers. We pursue the truth, and all have beautiful testimonies, and those who love God are perfected.

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