980 Those Who Love the Truth Will Gain the Truth

1 God’s salvation of mankind is salvation for those who love the truth. It is salvation for those with willpower and resolve, those who aspire to the truth and to righteousness. To say someone has resolve means that they yearn for righteousness, goodness and truth, and that they have conscience. God works in these people so that they may understand and gain the truth, so that their corruption may be cleansed and their life disposition can be transformed. If within you there is no love for the truth or aspiration for righteousness and light, then whenever you encounter evil, you won’t have the will to cast off evil things or the resolution to suffer hardship, and if your conscience is numb, your faculty for receiving truth is also numb, you aren’t sensitive to truth or the things that happen, aren’t able to distinguish anything, and you have no ability to handle or resolve things, then there is no way to be saved.

2 When you encounter things, you need to make a choice, you need to approach them correctly, you need to calm down and you need to use the truth to resolve the problem. What is the use of your ordinarily understanding some truths? They are not there just to fill your belly and they are not there to merely be spoken and nothing more, nor are they to resolve the problems of others; instead they are to resolve your own difficulties. Why is it said that Peter is a fruit? Because he has something of worth, something worth perfecting, he has a resolution to seek truth and has a firm will; he has reason, is willing to suffer hardship, and he rejoices in truth in his heart, and when he encounters something he will not let it go. These are all strong points. Only those who pursue truth with resolution will obtain truth and be perfected by God.

Adapted from “Confused People Cannot Be Saved” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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