979 What You Must Possess to Practice the Truth

1 Why is seeking the truth and putting it into practice so very difficult for you, as though you were rowing a boat against the current and, if you stopped rowing forward, you would drift backward? It is because humanity’s nature is to betray God. Satan’s nature has taken a dominant role within humans, and this is a reactionary force. Humans with a nature that betrays God can, of course, easily do things that betray God, and positive actions are naturally difficult for them to do. This is decided entirely by humanity’s nature and essence. When you really understand the truth and begin to love the truth from within yourself, then in doing those things that conform to the truth, you will become energized. This becomes normal, to the point where you can do so in an easy and happy way, and you feel that doing anything negative would require a great amount of effort. This is because the truth has taken a dominant role in your heart.

2 If you really understand the truth about human life, if you understand the truth about what kind of person to be, how to be an aboveboard and straightforward person, an honest person, and how to be someone who bears witness for God and serves Him, then you will never again be able to commit evil acts that defy God, nor will you play the role of a false leader, a false worker, or an antichrist. Even if Satan were to deceive you, or someone evil were to entice you, you still could not go along; no matter who tried to coerce you, you still could not act that way. When people have gained the truth, and the truth has become their life, they therefore are able to loathe evil and to feel internal disgust with negative things, and it would be difficult for them to commit evil, because their life dispositions have changed and they have been perfected by God.

Adapted from “Only by Pursuing the Truth Can You Obtain Changes in Your Disposition” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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