126 Follow Peter’s Example and Seek to Love God

1 I used to think that abandoning everything and working for God meant that I loved God. Though hunted by the CCP, I never turned back. My family rejected me and the world slandered me, but I was willing to devote the years of my youth to God without complaint or regret. So long as I could be raised up into the kingdom of heaven and rewarded, it was worth any amount of suffering and any number of tears. When trials befell and exposed my ugliness, I became negative and weak, and I wept bitter tears. Reflecting on the path I’d walked in my faith in God, I finally realized that without pursuing the truth, I would fall in the end.

2 God’s words revealed the corrupt essence of mankind, and only then did I see how deeply corrupt I was. I said I loved God, but it was just to gain blessings and rewards, and even my hard labor and toil was done to get something from God in return. I truly lost my conscience, my reason, my humanity, but God still used His words to judge and cleanse me. I fall before God in regret at what I’ve done, I am so unworthy to receive God’s love. I am resolved to seek to love God and satisfy God, no longer will I make plans or take any thought to my future or my fate.

3 Undergoing trials and hardships perfects my faith. I see that the onset of trials really is God’s blessing. Though the flesh may suffer, I can taste God’s love. By practicing the truth, my corrupt disposition is being changed. I will follow Peter’s example, loving God to the utmost, obeying Him till death. I am so blessed that I can love God and bear witness to Him today. I am certain that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. Understanding the truth and knowing God, this life is not lived in vain. Obeying God’s arrangements can never be in error. Eternal love and obedience for God is my duty.

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