259 No Regrets or Complaints in Loving God

1 Oh God! I am so fortunate to be reunited with You in this life. I hear Your voice and return before You. Your every utterance and every word You speak stir my heart. Only You are concerned for my life, what You’ve said has made me understand the truth. Your words judge and expose my corruption and rebelliousness, I am utterly convinced and fall down before You. Through trials You expose and cleanse my corrupt disposition, I understand Your earnest intentions. You also prune and deal with my motivation to gain blessings through faith; I finally know how to believe in God. I’ve gained so much through Your words, undergoing Your work I’ve achieved change. I’m willing to give up everything and expend myself for You, to fulfill my duty to repay Your love.

2 Oh God! You’ve come to earth, humble and hidden, expressing words that bestow the truth and the life upon man. You suffer the slander of worldly people, pursuit and persecution by the CCP, and even our misunderstandings and complaints. Who could truly understand Your heart? Who could share Your sorrows and joys? So many humiliations You’ve borne in silence, still speaking and working, doing everything to save mankind. Your love has melted my numb heart. How could I ever be rebellious or negative again? Though I still have so many deficiencies, I must fulfill my duty to repay Your love. I will love You and dedicate my life to You. I will do Your will to glorify You. I’ll have no regrets or complaints from loving You all my life, I wish only that Your heart may be comforted.

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