306 Corrupt Mankind Is Unworthy to See Christ

Verse 1

You always wish to see Christ, but God urges you to not

hold yourselves in such high esteem.

Anyone may see Christ but God says no one’s fit to,

for man brims with evil, arrogance and rebellion.

Verse 2

The moment you see Christ, your nature will destroy you;

you will surely be condemned to death.

Your notions root, arrogance sprouts, and rebellion bears figs.

How can such humanity associate with Christ?

Bridge 1

Can you always treat Him as God?

Will you truly submit to God?

You worship the God in your heart as Jehovah

while seeing Christ as man.

Verse 3

Your sense is lacking, humanity too debased!

Only occasionally you look to Christ as God.

It’s why God calls you unbelievers,

a posse of accomplices who fight against Christ.

Verse 4

If you see God before judgment, you’ll become His enemy,

destined for destruction, as man’s born hostile to God.

All men have been subjected to Satan’s corruption.

Nothing good will come of man reaching for God in this state.

Bridge 2

His actions and words will expose him at every turn.

His rebellion will be revealed in every single way.


Unknowingly, man comes to oppose Christ,

deceiving and forsaking Him.

If it continues, he’ll be punished.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Those Who Are Incompatible With Christ Are Surely Opponents of God

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