673 No One Knows God Incarnate

1 Man has never recognized Me in the light, but has only seen Me in the world of darkness. Are you not in exactly the same situation today? It was at the climax of the great red dragon’s rampages that I formally put on the flesh to do My work. It was when the great red dragon revealed its true form for the first time that I bore witness to My name. When I walked about on the roads of mankind, not one being, not one person, was startled into wakefulness, and so when I was incarnate in the human world, nobody knew it. But when, in My incarnate flesh, I began to take up My work, then humanity awoke, was startled out of his dreams by My thunderous voice, and from this moment commenced upon life under My guidance.

2 It is not merely that man does not know Me in My flesh; even worse, he has failed to understand his own self that resides in a fleshly body. How many years has it been, and all this time human beings have deceived Me, treating Me as a guest from outside? How many times have they shut Me out from the door to their home? How many times have they, standing before Me, paid Me no heed? How many times have they renounced Me in the midst of other men? How many times have they denied Me in front of the devil? And how many times have they attacked Me with their bickering mouths? Yet I do not keep account of man’s weaknesses, nor do I on account of his disobedience ask for a tooth in return for a tooth. All I have done is to apply medicine to his illnesses, in order to cure his incurable diseases, thereby restoring him to health, so that he may at last come to know Me.

Adapted from “Chapter 12” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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