313 No One Knows God Incarnate


Man has never known God in the light,

but only seen Him in the world’s darkness.

Verse 1

When the great red dragon was most frenzied,

God became flesh to do His work.

When the dragon first showed its true form,

God bore witness to His name.

Verse 2

When He walked on the roads of mankind,

not one was shaken to awake,

and so when He became incarnate,

not one knew that He was there.

Chorus 1

But when as flesh He began His work,

man was startled from their dreams

by His voice like thunder, in awe and wonder.

They began lives under His guidance.

Verse 3

Man not only does not know God

in His incarnated form,

man even fails to know their own self

residing in a fleshly body.


So many years, God’s been an outsider.

So many times, they have shut God out.

So many times, they have stood before Him,

but no attention have they shown Him.

So many times, they have renounced Him

(in the midst of others).

So many times, they have denied Him

(in front of the devil).

So many times, they have attacked Him

(with their bickering tongues).

Man has always been deceiving Him.

Chorus 2

God doesn’t count up all man’s failings,

no tooth for a tooth for their rebellion.

He gives medicine to heal their incurable disease,

restoring their health so they may know God.

Adapted from “Chapter 12” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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