624 God Does Not Praise Those Who Serve Like Paul

Verse 1

If those who serve God follow their own way,

they’ll risk being cast out at any time.

Those relying on years spent in service of God

just to win over and control others,

never repenting or renouncing their benefits of status,

these people will surely fall before God.

They are like Paul, flaunting seniority.

God will not perfect them as it hinders God’s work.


God does not praise those who serve like Paul.

Verse 2

People always cling to the past, which impedes their service.

This will throttle your life if you can’t cast them off.

God won’t commend you, even if you toil for Him,

even if you’re martyred; instead He’ll say you’re doing evil.


God does not praise those who serve like Paul.

God does not praise those who serve like Paul.

Adapted from “Religious Service Must Be Purged” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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