812 Peter Focused on Knowing God Practically

Verse 1

During Peter’s time with Jesus, he found so much to love,

so many things to emulate, so much to supply him.

He saw much of God in Jesus, and took all of Him to heart,

all about His life, His words and all His actions.

Chorus 1

Peter learned that Jesus was no ordinary man.

Though His appearance was just like any other,

He was full of love and empathy and mercy for mankind.

All He did and said gave great aid to all.

Peter gained so much he’d never seen before.

Verse 2

Peter saw that Jesus looked like a common man

but had a different air Peter could not explain.

He saw Jesus was unique, His deeds different from others.

He had a special character and a slow and steady hand.

Chorus 2

Jesus never overstated or minimized a thing.

He lived His life in a way that revealed

a character both normal and very admirable.

He spoke plain with grace, cheerful yet serene.

He kept His dignity throughout all of His work.

Verse 3

Peter saw Jesus was quiet, sometimes speaking on and on.

He could be happy as a dove, or He could be sad and silent.

He’d show anger like a soldier or a roaring lion.

There were times that He would laugh,

other times He prayed and wept.

Chorus 3

However Jesus acted, Peter grew to have a love

and respect for Jesus that was boundless.

Jesus’ laughter brought him joy.

Jesus’ sorrow brought him grief.

Jesus’ anger made him tremble in fear.

But Jesus’ demands, mercy, forgiveness

fostered true love, reverence, and longing for Him.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How Peter Came to Know Jesus

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