813 Peter’s Knowledge of Jesus

Verse 1

Peter followed Jesus for a number of years

and saw a lot in Him he did not see in others.

Peter judged himself by all that Jesus did.

The words that Jesus preached were etched inside his heart.

He was loyal to Jesus with no grievance against Him,

becoming His companion everywhere He went.

Peter heard His teachings and His gentle words,

saw what He ate and wore, His shelter and His travels.

Bridge 1

He emulated Jesus,

never was self-righteous,

cast off what was outdated,

did what Jesus did in both word and deed.

Verse 2

Peter felt everything was in the hands of God,

and so he didn’t make his own choice.

Peter took all Jesus was as an example.

Jesus’s life shows He was never self-righteous;

instead of boasting, He moved people with love.

Many things revealed to Peter all that Jesus was,

therefore Peter mirrored everything about Him.

This gave him a sense of Jesus’s loveliness.

Bridge 2

Peter said such things as,

“I’ve searched for the Almighty

throughout the universe,

and I’ve seen all the wonders

between heaven and earth.

Bridge 3

And thus I’ve gained a sense of

the Almighty’s loveliness.

But in my heart I’d never

had genuine love, or seen His loveliness.


Today, in the eyes of the Almighty,

I have been looked upon with favor,

and I have finally felt God’s loveliness.

I have finally discovered

it’s more than God’s creating all things

that causes humanity to love Him;

in my life I have found His boundless loveliness.

How could it be limited to what can now be seen?”

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Interpretations of the Mysteries of “God’s Words to the Entire Universe”, On the Life of Peter

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