814 Are You Aware of Your Mission?

Verse 1

Are you aware of the burden, the duty,

and the commission on your shoulder?

Where is your historic sense of mission?

How will you be a good master in the next age?

Is your sense of masterhood strong?

How will you explain the master of all things?

Is it really the master of all living things,

or master of all the material world?

What’s your plan on the next step of work?

How many are waiting for you to shepherd?

Don’t you feel your task very heavy?

Verse 2

These poor souls are pitiable, blind and very lost,

wailing in the darkness, waiting for a way out.

How they desire the light like a shooting star to come

and disperse the force of darkness

that has oppressed them for so many years.

Their yearning by day and night, who has ever known?

When the light flashes by, these wretched sufferers

are prisoned in darkness, with no hope of release.

When will they weep no more?

These restless fragile spirits are suffering such misfortune.

Heartless ropes, frozen history have long sealed them off.

Who has ever heard their wailing?

Who has ever seen their misery?

Verse 3

Have you ever thought about God?

How grieved and anxious could He be?

How can He bear to watch mankind suffer,

whom He created by His own hands?

Mankind are the poisoned unfortunates.

And though they have survived till today,

they have long been poisoned by the evil one.

Have you forgotten that you are a victim yourself?

Don’t you want, for your love of God,

to save those who have survived,

to repay God with all of your effort,

who loves man like His own flesh and blood?

How do you understand being used by God

to live an extraordinary life?

Do you have a real desire and confidence

to live a meaningful life of piety, a life lived to serve God?

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. How Should You Attend to Your Future Mission?

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