484 True Belief in God Is the Practice and Experience of His Words

Verse 1

Only in the practical experience of God’s words

can man be supplied with the truth and with life.

Only herein can man come to understand what’s normal

in terms of his own humanity.

Only herein can man come to know a meaningful life,

know what a true created being is,

the truth of obeying God, how he should care for God,

how to do a created being’s duty

and possess the likeness of a real man.

Verse 2

Only in the practical experience of God’s words

can true faith and worship be understood.

Only herein can man know who is the Ruler

of the heavens and earth and all things.

Only herein can man understand the means by which

the Master of all things rules over all,

leading and providing for all of His creation.

Only herein can man see how He exists,

how He becomes manifest, how He works.


Without the real experience of God’s words,

man has no knowledge of them and the truth.

Verse 3

Such a man’s a downright living corpse, a consummate shell,

knowledge about the Creator lost to him.

In God’s eyes, such a man has never believed in Him,

such a man has never ever followed Him.

God sees him as neither follower nor believer,

less still as a genuine created being.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. Preface

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