34 Praise for Almighty God Will Never Cease

Verse 1

Christ incarnate, Almighty God,

expressing the truth,

overflowing with glory,

has appeared in the East.

God’s words shine with brilliance

through the universe and vault of heaven.

Accept God’s judgment

and you will live within the light.

Chorus 1

Quickly, brothers, come and look.

The kingdom descends on the world.

Quickly, sisters, come and listen

to the sounds of praise everywhere.

With joy God’s people welcome

the Savior’s return!

Verse 2

The judgment of the last days

has begun with God’s family.

God has appeared and brought us

the way of eternal life.

His sheep have heard His voice

and returned before Him,

enjoyed His words while at

the marriage feast of the Lamb.

Chorus 2

Quickly, brothers, come and look.

The kingdom’s banquet is abundant.

Quickly, sisters, come and listen.

God’s words have authority.

God’s words have conquered

the hearts of millions!

Verse 3

Why do our sisters and brothers

sing in joyous praise?

It is because Almighty God

has saved us from Satan.

The judgment of God’s words

has cleansed and saved us.

Living within God’s words,

we’ll never again feel pain or sadness.

Chorus 3

Quickly, brothers, rise up.

Let’s all bear witness to God.

Quickly, sisters, do not stop.

Give our hearts to please God.

Let us devote our all

towards fulfilling our duties.


Brothers and sisters, come and dance to our hearts’ content,

praising Almighty God for the glory He has gained.

God’s made overcomers, victorious over Satan.

We sing joyous praise to God for His victory.

Chorus 4

Sing the new songs, brothers,

our voices resound everywhere.

Dance, sisters, as we sing our hearts out in praise,

singing endless praise of Almighty God.

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