40 Forever Singing Songs of Praise to God

1 God incarnate appeared in China to express the truth and judge mankind. We hear His voice and are raised before His throne. Not even in our dreams did we think we would be able to meet God face-to-face. Years of longing have been realized, and we see the appearance of the Redeemer. Almighty God’s words show His almightiness, and have conquered the hearts of hundreds of millions. God’s people gather before His throne to be shepherded and watered by His words. All God’s words are the truth; they give mankind the way of eternal life. We attain God’s cleansing and salvation, and forever do we sing songs of praise to God.

2 Every day, we read God’s words and fellowship on the truth, and accept the judgment and purification of His words. God enlightens and illuminates us, and we come to know ourselves and see through to our satanic natures. We are arrogant, self-important, selfish, and contemptible, and we fall before God in self-reproach and regret. By forsaking the flesh and practicing the truth, our life dispositions gradually change. Through being judged and understanding the truth, we see that God is so very righteous and holy, and reverence for Him arises in our hearts. We feel even more how dear and lovely God is; through His judgment, we are cleansed and become honest people in whom God delights. We enjoy all of God’s love, and forever do we sing songs of praise to God.

3 Judgment has already begun with the house of God. His people are undergoing judgment and being cleansed; we undergo hardships and loyally perform our duty, bearing resounding witness for God. Through years of tribulation and trials, God has already made a group of overcomers, defeating Satan and gaining glory and revealing His almightiness and wisdom. The kingdom gospel welcomes unprecedented splendor. God’s great work has been fully accomplished and His righteousness is worthy of praise. God’s holy name is exalted far and wide. God’s kingdom appears on earth, and His people dance and sing new songs. All nations and peoples praise God, and forever do we sing songs of praise to Him.

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