221 Being Purified by God’s Words

1 I believed for many years in the Lord and behaved well, and I thought I’d changed. I did a little work and then asked for God’s blessings, and I thought that was perfectly justified. I preached only theological knowledge and theories, and I thought I possessed the truth. Only when I was judged and chastised by God’s words did I see the light. I hadn’t the slightest knowledge about what truth and life were. All I wanted was to obtain the blessing of the heavenly kingdom in return for working, suffering and paying the price. I had never put into practice or experienced the Lord’s words, yet still I wanted to win the Lord’s praise. But now I realize that my notions and imaginings had blinded me. Were it not for God’s judgment and salvation, I would still be living in darkness.

2 All of Almighty God’s words are truth. They strike home in the depths of my heart. God’s judgments and revelations are all true, I have nowhere to hide my face in shame. My nature is greedy and selfish, I believed in the Lord just for rewards. I spoke of how I loved the Lord but my heart loved the world and fleshly enjoyment. Though I appeared to conduct myself well, my heart was full of satanic dispositions. I only worked and preached for the sake of position and did not have any fear of God. My every word and action was the performance of religious rites, and they had nothing to do with the truth. I was so corrupt, how could I be worthy to enter the heavenly kingdom without being judged and purified? I now realize that God’s judgment and chastisement are His salvation for me.

3 God rules over everything and orchestrates all environments, there is much to learn every day. I quiet my heart before God and read His words, living every day in God’s presence. Performing my duty and practicing God’s words, I see that I lack so much. Reflecting on my corruption, I see that I don’t live out normal humanity. Through experiencing judgment, trials, pruning and dealing, I taste God’s love. I bring God’s words into real life, I seek the truth in all things. In my practical experiences I see that every word of God is the truth. By conducting myself by God’s words, my corrupt dispositions are slowly purified. By fearing God and shunning evil I live before Him.

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