222 God’s Mercy Brought Me Back to Life

1 I’d believed in the Lord for many years, yet still I lived in sin. I often lied and cheated, and I was without a God-fearing heart. God’s salvation of the last days came to me. In my ignorance and blindness, I didn’t seek or investigate it. God used His words to knock on the door of my heart, yet I judged and denied Him. I lost His presence and fell into darkness. The accusations of my conscience made death preferable to life. Only then did I realize that having a peaceful conscience is a real joy. Were it not for God’s mercy and salvation, how could I have followed God till today? Based on my actions, I would have died long ago, and even death would have been too good for me. By the patience of God, I take this breath. I really don’t deserve to enjoy God’s great love.

2 Though God exalted me to perform my duty, I did not pursue the truth, and I always coveted the blessings of status. Filled with extravagant demands, I never considered God’s will, and was unaware that I defied God. God has always supplied and shepherded me, but I didn’t cherish it. I avoided judgment and chastisement, and stubbornly rebelled against God. I hurt God’s heart. I missed so many chances to be perfected. I really didn’t live up to God’s good intention. My heart is filled with regret. How can I repay God’s love and bring comfort to God’s heart? Oh God, Almighty God! I wish to be a new person and start all over again.

3 God’s words of life influence my heart. God’s exhortations give me limitless strength, and make me stand up once again from failures and falls. I now see hope for my life and know why I was created. Faced with God’s requirement, how could I run and hide again? I wish to repay God’s love with my loyalty and obedience. I will practice the truth and live by God’s word, never again will I make God worry about me. Whether I am blessed or I meet with disaster, I seek only to satisfy God. I wish to give my true heart to God. Even if I have no destination, I still wish to render service to God all my life. I’ll make up for all my past debts and bring comfort to God’s heart.

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