Words on How to Approach the Truth and God (Excerpt 1)

Some people come to believe in God when they see that the words expressed by God are indeed the truth. However, when they get to God’s house and see that God is an ordinary person, they develop notions in their hearts. Their words and deeds become unrestrained, they become dissolute, and they speak irresponsibly, judging and slandering however they see fit. This is how such evil people are revealed. These creatures without humanity often do evil and disturb the work of the church, and nothing good will come to them! They openly resist, slander, judge and insult God, openly blaspheming Him and setting themselves in opposition to Him. Such people are to be recipients of severe punishment. Some people belong to the ranks of false leaders, and after having been dismissed, they feel constant resentment toward God. They seize the opportunity of gatherings to keep spreading their notions and venting their complaints; they may even blurt out any harsh words or words that vent their hate. Are such people not demons? After being cleared out of God’s house, they feel remorse, claiming they had said something wrong in a moment of foolishness. Some people fail to discern them, saying, “They’re quite pitiful, and they’re remorseful at heart. They say they are indebted to God and don’t know Him, so let’s forgive them.” Can forgiveness be given so lightly? People have their dignity, let alone God! After these people finished their blasphemy and slander, they seem remorseful to some, who forgive them and say they acted in a moment of foolishness—but was it a moment of foolishness? They always have some intention in their speech, and even dare to judge God. God’s house replaced them, and they lost the benefits of status, and in fear of being eliminated, they utter many complaints and cry bitterly and remorsefully afterward. Does this do any good? Once your words have been spoken, they are like water poured on the ground, which cannot be recovered. Would God tolerate people resisting, judging, and blaspheming Him as they will? Would He just ignore it? God would have no dignity, if so. Some people, after their resistance, say, “God, Your precious blood redeemed me. You have us forgive people seventy times seven—You should also forgive me!” How shameless! Some people spread rumors about God, and grow fearful after slandering Him. Afraid of being punished, they quickly kneel down and pray: “God! Do not leave me, do not punish me. I confess, I repent, I am indebted to You, I did wrong.” Tell Me, could such people be pardoned? No! Why not? What they have done offends the Holy Spirit, and the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit will never be pardoned, in this life or the next! God stays true to His words. He has dignity, wrath, and a righteous disposition. Do you think that God is the same as man, that if someone is just a bit nicer to Him, He will look past their previous transgressions? Nothing of the sort! Will things turn out well for you if you resist God? It is understandable if you do something wrong out of momentary foolishness, or occasionally reveal a bit of a corrupt disposition. But if you directly resist, rebel against, and set yourself in opposition to God, and if you slander, blaspheme, and spread rumors about Him, then you are wholly doomed. There is no need for such people to pray any longer; they should just wait to be punished. They are unforgivable! When that time comes, do not shamelessly say, “God, please forgive me!” No matter how you plead, it will be useless, sorry to say. Having understood some of the truth, if people then knowingly transgress, they cannot be forgiven. Previously, it has been said that God does not remember one’s transgressions. That referred to minor ones that do not involve God’s administrative decrees and do not offend God’s disposition. These do not include blasphemy and slander against God. But if you would blaspheme, judge, or slander God just once, this will be a permanent stain that cannot be erased. People wish to blaspheme and abuse God as they will, and then to exploit Him to gain blessings. Nothing in the world comes as cheaply as that! People always think that God is merciful and kind, that He is benevolent, that He has a vast and immeasurable heart, that He does not remember people’s transgressions and lets bygones be bygones for people’s past transgressions and deeds. Letting bygones be bygones happens with trivial matters. God will never forgive those who openly resist and blaspheme Him.

Although most people in the church truly believe in God, they do not have God-fearing hearts. This shows that most people do not have true knowledge of God’s disposition, so it is difficult for them to fear God and shun evil. If people do not fear God and are not terrified of Him in their belief, and say whatever they like once God’s work touches their own interests, then when they finish speaking, will that be the end of it? They must then pay a price for what they say, and this is not a simple matter. When some people blaspheme God, when they judge God, do they know in their hearts what they are saying? All those who say these things know in their hearts what they say. Apart from those who have been possessed by evil spirits and whose reason is abnormal, regular people know in their hearts what they are saying. If they say they don’t, then they are lying. When they speak, they think: “I know that You are God. I’m saying that You are not doing right, so what can You do to me? What will You do when I am done talking?” They do this intentionally, to disturb others, to draw others over to their side, to make others say similar things, make others do similar things. They know that what they say is in open defiance of God, that it is going against God, blaspheming God. After they have mulled it over they think that what they did was wrong: “What was I saying? It was an impetuous moment and I really regret it!” Their regret proves that they knew exactly what they were doing at that time; it wasn’t that they didn’t know. If you think that they were momentarily ignorant and confused, that they had not thoroughly understood, then this is not entirely correct. People may not have understood thoroughly, but if you believe in God then you must have a minimum of common sense. To believe in God you should be afraid of God and fear Him. You cannot blaspheme against God, or judge or slander Him however you like. Do you know what is meant by “judging,” “blasphemy” and “slander”? When you say something, do you not know whether or not you are judging God? Some people always talk about the fact that they have played host to God, and often see God, and have listened to God’s face-to-face fellowship. They talk about these things with whoever happens by, at length, all about externalities; they have no true knowledge at all. They may have no ill intentions when they say these things. They may mean well for the brothers and sisters and wish to encourage everyone. But why do they pick these things to speak about? If they proactively bring up this matter, then they do have something of an intent: mainly, to show off and have people look up to them. If they would make people confident and encourage people in their faith in God, they might read them more of His words, which are the truth. Why then do they insist on talking about such external things? What is at the root of their saying these things is that they are simply without a God-fearing heart. They are not afraid of God. How can they act up and shoot their mouth off before God? God has dignity! If people realized this, would they still do such things? People do not have God-fearing hearts. They arbitrarily say how God is and what God is like for their own motives, to achieve their personal goals and to get others to think highly of them. This is simply judging God and blaspheming God. Such people have no fear at all for God in their hearts. They are all people who resist and blaspheme God. They are all evil spirits and demons. Some people have believed in God for a few years, but after being captured by the great red dragon, they become Judas, even following the great red dragon in blasphemy against God. Some people preach the gospel, echoing religious people in saying things that judge God’s work and condemn God. They know that speaking in this manner is resisting God and blaspheming God, but they are unconcerned. Speaking in this way is inappropriate, no matter your motives. Could you not just say something else? Why do you have to say these things? Is it not blasphemy against God? If such speech comes out of your mouth, then you are blaspheming God. It is ungodly for you to say these things, whether you do so intentionally or not. You have no God-fearing heart. You go along with others and say blasphemous words to please others and win them over. How ungodly you are; you are in league with the devil! Would God have you play around with Him, judge Him, delimit Him, and blaspheme against Him in an arbitrary manner? To do so is horrible! If you say something wrong and it offends God’s disposition, then you are doomed. This is a fatal matter! Some people think, “People in religion are misled by pastors and elders, and most of them have said things that blaspheme God and judge and condemn His work. Some people have accepted God’s work during the last days and repented. Will they be saved, then? If they were all abandoned by God, there would be too few people who would be saved; hardly any would be saved.” You cannot see this matter clearly, can you? God’s disposition is righteousness, and He is righteous to everyone. In the days of Noah, only eight people were saved on the ark; the rest were destroyed. Do you dare say that God is unrighteous? Mankind is deeply corrupted. They all belong to Satan; they all resist God, and they are all base and worthless. If they cannot accept God’s work, they will be destroyed, as ever. Some people may think to themselves: “If none of us can be saved by God, then wouldn’t God’s work be in vain? It seems to me that God cannot save mankind without man. If God leaves man, God’s management will be gone.” You’re wrong. God will continue His management plan all the same, even without man. People overvalue themselves. People have no God-fearing hearts, they are not devout at all before God, and they do not have any well-behaved attitude. Because people live under the power of Satan and belong to Satan, they can judge God and blaspheme God anytime and anywhere. This is a horrible thing—an offense against God’s disposition!

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