Daily Words of God: God's Disposition and What He Has and Is | Excerpt 241

On earth, I am the practical God Himself in the hearts of men; in heaven, I am the Master of all creation. I have climbed mountains and forded rivers, and I have also drifted in and out of humanity’s midst. Who dares openly to oppose the practical God Himself? Who dares to break away from the sovereignty of the Almighty? Who dares to assert that I am, beyond the shadow of a doubt, in heaven? Again, who dares to assert that I am, without the slightest chance of error, on earth? There is no one in all of humanity capable of articulating in every detail the places where I reside. Could it be that, when I am in heaven, I am then the supernatural God Himself? Could it be that, when I am on earth, I am then the practical God Himself? That I am the Ruler of all creation, or that I experience the sufferings of the human world—surely these cannot determine whether or not I am the practical God Himself? If man thinks so, is not he benighted beyond all hope? I am in heaven; I am also on earth; I am among the myriad things of creation, and also in the midst of the myriads of people. Man can touch Me every day; moreover, he can see Me every day. As far as humanity is concerned, I seem to be sometimes hidden and sometimes visible; I seem to have real existence, and yet I seem also not to have being. In Me lie mysteries unfathomable to humanity. It is as though all men are peering at Me through a microscope in order to discover even more mysteries in Me, hoping thereby to dispel that uncomfortable feeling in their hearts. But even were they to use a fluoroscope, how could humanity uncover any of the secrets lodged in Me?

When My people, through My working, are glorified together with Me, at that moment the great red dragon’s lair will be unearthed, all the mud and dirt swept clean away, and the polluted water, accumulated over countless years, dried up in My burning fires, to exist no more. Thereupon the great red dragon will perish in the lake of fire and brimstone. Are you truly willing to remain under My watchful care so as not to be snatched away by the dragon? Do you really hate its deceitful stratagems? Who is able to bear staunch witness for Me? For the sake of My name, for the sake of My Spirit, for the sake of My whole plan of management—who is able to offer up all the strength in his body? Today, when the kingdom is in the world of men, is the time that I have come in person into the world of men. If this were not so, is there anyone who could, intrepidly, go into the battlefield in My behalf? So that the kingdom may take shape, so that My heart may be contented, and again, so that My day may come, so that the time may come when the myriad things of creation are reborn and grow abundant, so that man may be rescued out of the sea of suffering, so that tomorrow may come, and so that it may be wondrous, and blossom and flourish, and again, so that the enjoyment of the future may come to pass, all of humanity is striving with all their might, sparing nothing in sacrificing themselves for Me. Is this not a sign that victory is already Mine, and a mark of the completion of My plan?

The more that men dwell in the last days, the more they will feel the emptiness of the world and the less courage they will have for living life. For this reason, countless people have died in disappointment, countless others have been disappointed in their quest, and countless others suffer themselves to be manipulated in Satan’s hands. I have rescued so many people, succored so many, and, so often, when human beings have lost the light, I have moved them back into a place of light, so that they might know Me within the light, and enjoy Me in the midst of happiness. Because of the coming of My light, adoration grows in the hearts of the people who dwell in My kingdom, for I am a God for humanity to love, a God to whom humanity clings in fond attachment, and mankind is filled with an abiding impression of My figure. But, when all is said and done, there is no one who understands whether this is the working of the Spirit, or a function of the flesh. This one thing alone is sufficient for man to experience in minute detail through the course of a lifetime. Man has never despised Me in his heart’s innermost reaches; rather, he cleaves to Me in the depths of his spirit. My wisdom raises his admiration, the wonders that I work are a feast for his eyes, My words boggle his mind, and yet he cherishes them dearly. My reality renders man at a loss, dumbfounded and perplexed, and yet he is willing to accept it all. Is this not precisely the measure of man as he really is?

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 15

God Is in Heaven and Also on Earth


When on earth, God is a practical God in the hearts of man. In heaven He’s the Master, ruling over everything. He’s climbed the mountains and waded through the rivers. He has drifted in and out through the place where people live. God is up in heaven, and on earth He resides. He’s among all creation, amidst the myriads of mankind. Man can touch God every day, man can see Him every day.


Who dares to oppose practical God and break out from His reign? Who dares to assert that He’s in heaven, beyond the shadow of doubt? Who dares assert that God for certain exists on earth? In all humanity, none can say or describe where God dwells. God is up in heaven, and on earth He resides. He’s among all creation, amidst the myriads of mankind. Man can touch God every day, man can see Him every day.


Could it be when in heaven, He’s a supernatural God? Could it be when God’s on earth, He is practical God Himself? Ruling all creation or tasting human suffering, can these determine He’s practical God Himself? God is up in heaven (God is in heaven), and on earth He resides (and on earth He resides). He’s among all creation (all creation), amidst the myriads of mankind. Man can touch God every day (man can touch Him every day), man can see Him every day (every day). God is in heaven, and on earth He resides.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. God’s Words to the Entire Universe, Chapter 15

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