Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 402

One cannot be in a rush to achieve success when seeking life; growth in life does not happen in just a day or two. The work of God is normal and practical, and it must undergo a necessary process. It took Jesus become flesh a process of 33.5 years to complete His work of crucifixion, let alone the life of man! It is also no easy task to make a normal man who manifests God. This is particularly so for the people of the nation of the great red dragon. They are of poor caliber and require a long period of God’s word and work. So do not be in a hurry to see results. You must be proactive in eating and drinking of God’s words, and put more effort on the words of God. After reading His words, you must be able to put them into practice in reality, and in the words of God, you then gain knowledge, insight, discernment, and wisdom. Through this, you will change without realizing it. If you are able to take as your principles the eating and drinking of the word of God, reading His word, coming to know it, experiencing it, and practicing it, you will grow without realizing it. Some say that he is unable to put the word of God into practice even after reading it! What is your hurry? When you reach a certain stature, you will be able to put His word into practice. Would a four- or five-year-old child say that he is unable to support or honor his parents? You should know now what your stature is, put into practice what you can, and do not be one who disrupts the management of God. Simply eat and drink of God’s words and going forward, take that as your principle. Do not worry yet about whether God can make you complete. Do not delve into that yet. Simply eat and drink of God’s words as you come across them, and it is assured that God will be able to make you complete. However, there is a principle by which you must eat and drink of His word. Do not do so blindly. Rather, seek out the words that you should come to know, that is, those that are related to vision. Another aspect that you must seek out is those of actual practice, that is, those about what you ought to enter into. One aspect is about knowledge, and the other relates to entering. Once you find out both, that is, when you grasp what to know and what to practice, you will know how to eat and drink of the word of God.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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