Daily Words of God | "How You Should Walk the Final Stretch of the Path" | Excerpt 472

You are now on the final stretch of the path, and it is a critical part of the path. Perhaps you have endured much suffering, done a lot of work, traveled many roads, and listened to many sermons; perhaps it has not been easy to reach where you are now. If you cannot bear the suffering you currently face and if you continue as you did in the past, then you cannot be perfected. These words are not intended to scare you—they are fact. After Peter underwent a lot of God’s work, he gained insight into some things, and also much discernment. He came to understand many things regarding the principle of service, and later he was able to fully devote himself to what Jesus entrusted him with. The great refinement that he received was mostly because, for the things that he had himself done, he felt that he owed God so much, and that he would never be able to repay Him. Peter also recognized that man is very corrupt, which caused him to feel guilty in his conscience. Jesus had said many things to Peter, but at the time when these things were said, he was only capable of a small amount of understanding, and sometimes he still harbored some resistance and rebelliousness. After Jesus was nailed to the cross, he finally experienced something of an awakening, and within him he felt strong pangs of reproach toward himself. In the end, it reached a point where he felt it unacceptable to have any ideas that were incorrect. He knew his own state very well, and he also knew the Lord’s holiness well. As a result, a heart of love for the Lord grew in him even more, and he became more focused on his own life. Because of this he suffered great hardships, and although at times it was as if he had a serious illness and even seemed as if he were dead, after he had been refined in this way many times, he gained more understanding of himself, and developed genuine love for the Lord. It could be said that his entire life was spent in refinement, and even more than that, in chastisement. His experience was different from any other person’s, and his love surpassed that of anyone who has not been perfected. The reason he was selected as a model was because he experienced the most agony in his lifetime, and his experiences were most successful. If you really are able to walk the final stretch of the path just like Peter did, then there is not a single creature that can take away your blessings.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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