Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 552

March 6, 2021

There are criteria to be met if you are to be perfected. Through your resolve, your perseverance, and your conscience, and through your pursuit, you will be able to experience life and fulfill God’s will. These are your entry, and what are required on the path to perfection. The work of perfection can be done on all people. Anyone who pursues God can be perfected and has the opportunity and qualifications to be perfected. There is no hard and fast rule here. Whether one can be perfected mainly depends on what one pursues. People who love the truth and are able to live the truth are certainly able to be perfected. And people who do not love the truth and are not commended by God do not possess a life that God demands. These people are unable to be perfected. The perfection work is only for the sake of gaining people, not a step in battling Satan; the conquest work is only for the sake of battling Satan, which means using the conquest of man to defeat Satan. This latter is the main work, the newest work that has never been done in all the ages. One can say that the goal of this stage of work is mainly to conquer all people so as to defeat Satan. The work of perfecting people—that is not new work. All the work during the period when God is working in the flesh has as its main goal the conquest of people. This is like in the Age of Grace. The redemption of all mankind through the crucifixion was the main work. “Gaining people” was additional to the work in the flesh and was done only after the crucifixion. When Jesus came and did His work, His goal was mainly to use His crucifixion to triumph over the bondage of death and the underworld, to triumph over Satan’s influence, meaning to defeat Satan. It was only after Jesus was crucified that Peter embarked one step at a time on the path to perfection. Of course he was among those who followed Jesus while Jesus was working, but he was not perfected during that time. Rather, it was after Jesus finished His work that Peter gradually understood the truth and then became perfected. God incarnate comes to earth only to complete a key, crucial stage of work in a short period of time, not to live long-term among people on earth and intentionally perfect them. He does not do that work. He does not wait until such time as when man is completely perfected to conclude His work. That is not the goal and significance of His incarnation. He comes only to do the short-term work of saving humanity, not to do the very long-term work of perfecting humanity. The work of saving humanity is representative, capable of launching a new age and can be finished in a short period of time. But perfecting humanity requires bringing man up to a certain level and is work that takes a long time. This work has to be done by the Spirit of God, but it is done on the foundation of the truth He speaks during His work in the flesh. Or additionally He raises up the apostles to do long-term shepherding work to achieve His goal of perfecting humanity. God incarnate does not do this work. He only speaks about the way of life so people will understand and only gives humanity the truth, rather than continuously accompanying man in practicing the truth, because that is not within His ministry. So He will not be accompanying man until the day man completely understands the truth and completely obtains the truth. His work in the flesh concludes when man formally enters the right track of the truth of life, when man steps onto the right track of being perfected. This of course is also when He will have thoroughly defeated Satan and triumphed over the world. He cares not whether man has ultimately entered the truth at that time, nor does He care about whether man’s life is big or small. None of that is what He in the flesh should be managing; none of it is within the ministry of God incarnate. Once He finishes His intended work, He concludes His work in the flesh. So, the work that God incarnate does is only the work that God’s Spirit cannot do directly. Moreover, it is the short-term work of salvation, not long-term work on earth.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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