On Destination

Whenever destination is mentioned, you treat it with special seriousness; all of you are particularly sensitive regarding this matter. Some people cannot wait to kowtow to God in order to end up with a good destination. I can identify with your eagerness, which doesn’t need to be expressed in words. You absolutely do not want your flesh to fall into disaster, and even more, you do not want to descend into long-lasting punishment in the future. You only hope to live more freely and easily. So you feel particularly anxious whenever destination is mentioned, fearing deeply that if you are not attentive enough, you may offend God and be subject to the deserved retribution. You have not hesitated to make compromises for the sake of your destination, and many of you who were once devious and flippant have even suddenly turned especially gentle and sincere; your sincerity even casts a chill over Me. Regardless, you all have honest hearts, and from start to finish you have opened up to Me without hiding any of the secrets in your heart, be they blame, deceit, or devotion. All in all, you have very candidly “confessed” to Me those essential things in your deepest recesses. Of course, I have never avoided such things either, because they have become commonplace to Me. You’d rather enter the sea of fire for your final destination than lose a strand of hair to gain God’s approval. I’m not trying to be too dogmatic here; it is that your heart of devotion is especially inadequate to face everything I do. You may not understand what I mean, so let Me provide you with a simple explanation: What you need is not the truth and life; it is not the principles of how to conduct yourselves, and particularly is not My painstaking work. What you need has to do with what you possess in the flesh—wealth, status, family, marriage, etc. You are utterly dismissive of My words and work, so I can sum up your faith in one word: half-hearted. You will go to any lengths to achieve the things that you are absolutely devoted to, but I have discovered that you will not disregard everything for the sake of matters concerning your belief in God. Rather, you are just relatively loyal, and relatively serious. That is why I say that those who lack a heart of utmost sincerity are failures in their belief in God. Think carefully—are there many cases of failure among you?

You ought to know that success in belief in God is achieved due to people’s own actions; when people don’t succeed but instead fail, that too is due to their own actions, not the impact of other factors. I believe that you would do anything it takes to get something done that is more difficult and entails more suffering than believing in God, and that you would treat it very seriously. You would even be unwilling to make any errors; these are the kinds of unremitting efforts all of you have put into your own lives. You are even capable of deceiving Me in the flesh under circumstances where you would not deceive any of your own family. This is your consistent behavior and the principle you apply in your lives. Aren’t you still cultivating a false image to deceive Me, for the sake of your destination, and to have a beautiful and happy destination? I’m aware that your devotion and your sincerity are but temporary; aren’t your aspirations and the price you pay only for now and not then? You only want to exert one final effort to secure a beautiful destination. Your purpose is only to make a trade; it’s not so that you are not indebted to the truth, and it is particularly not to repay Me for the price I have paid. In a word, you are only willing to employ your cleverness, but you are unwilling to fight for it. Isn’t this your heartfelt wish? You must not disguise yourselves, and must not rack your brains over your destination to the point that you are unable to eat or sleep. Isn’t it true that your destination will have been determined in the end? You should do your own duty to the best of your ability with open and upright hearts, and be willing to do whatever it takes. As you have said, when the day comes, God will not mistreat anyone who has suffered or paid a price for Him. This kind of conviction is worth holding on to, and you should never forget it. Only this way can I put My mind at ease about you. Otherwise, I will never be able to put My mind at ease regarding you, and you will forever be the object of My distaste. If you can follow your conscience and give your all for Me, spare no effort for My work, and devote a lifetime of effort to My gospel work, then won’t My heart often jump for joy for you? Won’t I be able to entirely put My mind at ease regarding you? It’s a shame that what you can do is but a pitiful and tiny part of what I expect; in this case, how can you have the gall to seek from Me what you hope for?

Your destination and your fate are very important to you—they are of grave concern. You believe that if you don’t do things with great care, it will be equivalent to having no destination, and the destruction of your fate. But has it ever occurred to you that if the efforts you expend are just for the sake of your destination, they are just fruitless labor? Such efforts aren’t genuine—they are fake and deceitful. If that is the case, those who work only for their destination will receive their final defeat, because failures in people’s belief in God happen because of deception. I’ve previously said that I don’t like to be flattered or fawned on, or treated with enthusiasm. I like honest people to face up to My truth and expectations. Even more, I like people who show the utmost care and consideration for My heart and will even give up everything for My sake. Only this way can My heart be comforted. Right now, how many things are there about you that I dislike? How many things are there about you that I like? Have none of you realized all the ugliness you’ve displayed for the sake of your destination?

In My heart, I do not wish to hurt those who are positive and motivated, and I especially don’t wish to diminish the energy of anyone who is faithfully doing his duty; nonetheless, I must remind each of you of your inadequacies and the filthy soul deep in your hearts. The purpose of doing so is to hope that you will be able to offer up your true heart in facing My words, because what I hate most is people’s deceit toward Me. I only hope that in the last stage of My work, you are able to perform outstandingly, are fully devoted, and are no longer half-hearted. Of course, I also hope that you all have a good destination. Nevertheless, I still have My own requirement, which is for you to make the best decision in offering up to Me your sole and final devotion. If someone doesn’t have that sole devotion, that person is surely going to become Satan’s treasure, and I will not continue to use him. I shall send him home to be looked after by his parents. My work has been very helpful for you; what I hope to get from you is a heart that is honest and positive, but up until now My hands are still empty. Think about it: When one day I am still this bitter beyond words, what will My attitude toward you be? Will I be as friendly? Will My heart be as peaceful? Do you understand the feelings of a person who has painstakingly farmed but has not harvested a single grain? Do you understand how great the injury is of someone who has been dealt great blow? Can you taste the bitterness of a person full of hope who has to part with someone on bad terms? Have you seen the anger of a person who has been provoked? Can you know the feeling of revengeful urgency of a person who has been treated with hostility and deceitfulness? If you understand the mentality of these people, I think it shouldn’t be difficult for you to imagine the attitude God will have at the time of His retribution! Finally, I hope you all put in serious effort for the sake of your own destination; nonetheless, you’d better not utilize deceitful means in your efforts, or I will still be disappointed with you in My heart. What does such disappointment lead to? Aren’t you fooling yourselves? Those who think of their destination yet ruin it are utterly unable to be saved. Even if such people become exasperated, who will sympathize with them? All in all, I’m still willing to wish for you to have a suitable and good destination. Even more so, I hope that none of you fall into disaster.

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