Daily Words of God: Knowing God's Work | Excerpt 183

Jesus was on earth for thirty-three and a half years, He came to do the work of crucifixion, and through the crucifixion God gained one part of glory. When God came in the flesh He was able to be humble and hidden, and could endure tremendous suffering. Although He was God Himself, He still endured every humiliation, and every revilement, and He endured great pain in being nailed to the cross so as to complete the work of redemption. After this stage of work was concluded, although people saw that God had gained great glory, this was not the entirety of His glory; it was only one part of His glory, which He had gained from Jesus. Although Jesus was able to endure every hardship, to be humble and hidden, to be crucified for God, God only gained one part of His glory, and His glory was gained in Israel. God still has another part of glory: coming to earth to actually work and make perfect a group of people. During Jesus’ stage of work, He did some supernatural things, but that stage of work was by no means only in order to perform the signs and wonders. It was primarily to show that Jesus could suffer, and be crucified for God, that Jesus was able to suffer tremendous pain because He loved God, and that although God abandoned Him, He was still willing to sacrifice His life for God’s will. After God had completed His work in Israel and Jesus was nailed to the cross, God was glorified, and God had borne testimony before Satan. You neither know nor have seen how God has become flesh in China, so how can you see that God has been glorified? When God does much work of conquest in you, and you stand firm, then this work of God is successful, and this is part of God’s glory. You see only this, and you have yet to be made perfect by God, have yet to give your heart entirely to God. You have yet to entirely see this glory; you only see that God has already conquered your heart, that you can never leave Him, and will follow God to the very end and your heart will not change. Thus is the glory of God. In what do you see God’s glory? In the effects of His work in people. People see that God is so lovely, they have God in their hearts, and are unwilling to leave Him, and this is God’s glory. When the strength of the brothers and sisters of the churches arises, and they can love God from their hearts, see the supreme might of the work done by God, the incomparable might of His words, when they see that His words carry authority and that He can embark upon His work in the ghost town of the China mainland, when, though people are weak, their hearts bow down before God and they are willing to accept God’s words, and when, although they are weak and unfit, they are able to see that God’s words are so lovable, and so worthy of their cherishment, then this is the glory of God. When the day comes on which people are made perfect by God, and are able to surrender before Him, and can completely obey God, and leave their prospects and fate in the hands of God, then the second part of God’s glory will have been entirely gained. Which is to say, when the work of the practical God has been entirely completed, His work on the China mainland will come to an end; in other words, when those who were predestined and chosen by God have been made perfect, God will be glorified. God said that He has brought the second part of His glory to the East, yet this is invisible to the naked eye. God has brought His work to the East: He has already come to the East, and this is God’s glory. Today, although His work has yet to be completed, because God has decided to work, it shall surely be accomplished. God has decided He shall complete this work in China, and He has resolved to make you perfect. Thus He gives you no way out—He has already conquered your hearts, and you have to go on whether you want to or not, and when you are gained by God, God is glorified. Today, God has yet to be completely glorified, because you have yet to be made perfect, and although your hearts have returned to God, there are still many weaknesses in your flesh, you are incapable of satisfying God, you are unable to be mindful of God’s will, and there are many negative things that must be rid from you.

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. A Brief Talk About “The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived”

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