Daily Words of God: Entry Into Life | Excerpt 570

October 5, 2020

The purpose of clear fellowship about the truth is to enable people to practice the truth and to change their dispositions; it is not merely to make them understand it. If you understand the truth but do not put it into practice, then fellowshiping about it and your understanding of it will not have any meaning anymore. If you understand the truth but do not put it into practice, you will lose the opportunity to gain it, as well as any chance to be saved. If you have put the truth you understand into practice, then you will gain even more, deeper truths; you will attain God’s salvation, as well as the enlightenment, illumination, and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Many are only able to complain that the Holy Spirit never enlightens them, without realizing that they are essentially not putting the truth into practice. Therefore, their conditions will never achieve normality, nor will they ever understand God’s will.

Some people say that practicing the truth cannot solve their problems. Others believe that the truth cannot completely resolve a person’s corrupt disposition. The fact is that people’s problems can all be solved; the key is whether or not they can act in accordance with the truth. The faults that currently plague you are not cancer or incurable diseases. If you can put the truth into practice, then those faults can all be changed, depending on whether you can act in accordance with the truth. If you are walking the path of pursuing the truth, then you are bound to be successful; if, however, you are on the wrong path, then you are done for. For example, some people do their work without ever giving thought to how they could do things in a way that benefits the work of God’s house or whether their methods of doing things conform to God’s will; as a result, they do many things that He despises. If they were to act in line with the truth in everything they did, would they then not be someone who is after God’s heart? Some people know the truth but do not put it into practice, believing that the truth is merely this one thing and nothing more. They believe it cannot purge their own will and resolve their corruption. Is this sort of person not ridiculous? Are such people not absurd? Do they not fancy themselves clever? If people act according to the truth, their corrupt dispositions will be transformed; if, however, they base their faith and service to God on their natural personalities, then none of them will succeed in transforming their dispositions. Some people get caught up in their own concerns all day long, while failing to investigate or practice the truth that is readily available. This way of practicing is very absurd; such people are inherent sufferers, in that they have blessings but do not enjoy them! The path forward is there; all it takes is for you to practice it. If you are resolved to put the truth into practice, then your weaknesses and fatal flaws can be transformed. However, you should always be cautious and prudent and suffer more hardships. Having faith requires prudence. Can you believe in God properly if you adopt such a casual manner?

—The Word, Vol. 3. The Discourses of Christ of the Last Days. Part Three

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