428 You Must Regard the Bible Correctly

1 The Bible followed several thousand years of human history and people all treat it like God to the point that people in the last days replace God with the Bible. This is something that God really hates. So in His spare time, He had to clarify the inside story and the origin of the Bible. Otherwise, the Bible would still be able to replace God’s place in people’s hearts and they could condemn and measure God’s actions based on the words in the Bible. The truth that God wants to tell people here is that no theory or fact can replace God’s present work or words, and there is nothing that can replace God’s position.

2 If people are not able to cast off the net of the Bible, they will never be able to come in front of God. If they want to come in front of God, they must first cleanse their hearts of anything that could replace Him—this way God will be satisfied. Although God only explains the Bible here, do not forget that there are many other erroneous things that people truly worship aside from the Bible, and the only things that they do not worship are those that truly come from God. God just uses the Bible as an example to remind everyone not to take the wrong path and not to go to extremes again and fall into confusion when they believe in God and accept His words.

Adapted from Introduction to

The Words of Christ as He Walked in the Churches

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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