736 Have You Relinquished Your Religious Notions?

1 At present there are many people who believe in a confused manner. You have too much curiosity, too much desire for blessings, and too little aspiration to seek life. You only follow God perfunctorily, you do not at all come to seek the true way and you have not come with the intention of gaining life. Your attitude is one of simply wanting to see what will happen. Because you have not let go of many of your old notions, there is not one amongst you who has been able to fully offer themselves up. Having arrived at this point, you continue to worry about your own fate, with your thoughts churning day and night, never able to let go of them.

2 Do you think that when I speak of the Pharisees, I am referring to the “old men” in religion? Are you yourselves not representatives of the most advanced Pharisees of the present age? Do you think that when I mention those who measure Me against the Bible, I am exclusively referring to those Bible experts of religious circles? Do you believe that when I speak of those who are, once again, nailing God to the cross, I am talking about the leaders of religious circles? Are you not the very finest actors to play this role? Do you think that all of the words I utter to counter people’s notions are merely a mocking of the pastors and elders of religion? Have you not also played your part in all of these things?

3 Are you convinced that you harbor few notions? It is simply that you have all learned to be so clever now. You do not talk about the things you do not understand or betray your feelings about them, but hearts of reverence and submission simply do not exist within you. As you see it, studying, observing, and waiting are your best ways of practicing today. You have learned to be too clever. Do you realize, though, that this is a kind of psychological cunning? Do you think that a moment of cleverness on your part will help you to escape eternal chastisement?

Adapted from “You Must Understand the Work— Do Not Follow in Confusion!” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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