138 Resolved to Remain Utterly Devoted to God

1 Satan totally corrupted and ravaged me, I sought fame and fortune and lived in sin. It was every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost, I cared nothing for conscience or morality. God took mercy on me and raised me up, and He saved me from the evil world. God’s words of judgment and exposure allowed me to see the root of the world’s corruption. It is Satan that has so deeply corrupted mankind, trapped everyone in the abyss of evil. God’s words of judgment awakened me and I saw the light of life. Fame, fortune, position, and family happiness are truly empty, and I will pursue them no more. Submitting to God, being considerate of God’s heart, and fulfilling one’s duty are the true principles of Heaven and earth. I wish to accept judgment and cleansing and perform a human’s duty.

2 God calls on us and we should rise up and take on His commission; expending ourselves for God is such an honor. In adversity, the leading of God’s words strengthens my heart; I cannot hold the plough and look backwards. It is so rare to be able to accept the training of the kingdom and I absolutely cannot miss this chance to be perfected. Failing God, I would be regretful for the rest of my life. If I turn my back on God I will be condemned by history. If I didn’t perform my duty well and repay God’s love, how could I deserve to live before God? My heart treasures only the truth and is devoted to God, I will never again rebel and cause God grief. I am resolved to love God and remain utterly devoted to God and nothing and no one can stop me. And I will stand testimony to glorify God no matter how hard the trials and tribulations are. I am determined to gain the truth, be perfected by God, and bear witness to Him forever.

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