188 Resolved to Remain Utterly Devoted to God

1 Satan corrupted and ravaged me to the extreme; seeking fame and fortune, I was living in sin. In my mind, it was every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost; I cared nothing for conscience or morality. God took mercy on me and raised me up, saving me from the evil world. His words of judgment and exposure allowed me to see the root of the world’s corruption. It is Satan that has so deeply corrupted mankind, trapping everyone in the abyss of evil. God’s words of judgment awakened me, and I saw the light of life. Fame, fortune, position, and fleshly pleasures are truly empty, and I will pursue them no more. Submitting to God, being considerate of His heart, and fulfilling one’s duty are the only true principles of Heaven and earth. I wish to accept God’s judgment and purification, and live out a genuine human likeness.

2 God calls on us, so we should rise up and take on His commission; expending ourselves for His sake is such an honor. In adversity, the guidance of God’s words makes me even more resolute; how can I put hand to the plough and look back? It is so rare to be able to accept the kingdom’s training; I absolutely must not miss out on this chance to be perfected. If I were to fail God, I would regret it for the rest of my life. If I turned my back on Him, I would be condemned by history. If I did not perform my duty well and repay God’s love, then how could I deserve to live before Him? Deep down, I treasure only the truth and am devoted to God; I will never again rebel or cause Him grief. With sincere love for God, nothing and no one can stop me. I will stand testimony to glorify Him no matter how hard the trials and tribulations might be. I am determined to gain the truth, be perfected by God, and bear witness to Him forever.

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