551 The Resolve Necessary to Pursue the Truth

Do you have the determination to understand the truth, gain the truth, and ultimately be perfected by God?

1 You must reach a stage whereby your resolution does not change no matter what environment you encounter; that is what it means to be sincere, and only that is a genuine love of the truth. You must be such a person. It will not do to cower down or become negative, giving up your own resolution whenever some problem or difficulty arises. You must possess the strength of one who is willing to risk life and limb: “No matter what happens, even if it is necessary for me to die, I will never abandon my resolve or give up on this goal.” If you do, then no hardship will be able to stop you. God will make things happen for you.

2 You must have this kind of understanding whenever something occurs: “No matter what happens, it is all a part of my achieving my goal, and it is God’s doing. There is weakness in me, but I will not be negative. I thank God for the love He bestows upon me and for arranging such an environment for me. I must not abandon my desire and my resolution; giving up would be tantamount to making a compromise with Satan, tantamount to self-destruction, and tantamount to betraying God.” This is the kind of mindset you must have. No matter what others say or how they act, and no matter how God treats you, your determination must not waver.

Adapted from “If You Cannot Always Live Before God, You Are a Nonbeliever” in Records of Talks of Christ of the Last Days

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