928 Though Man Has Been Corrupted and Deceived by Satan

Verse 1

Every living creature

departs, returns, departs again.

A million changes happen in an eye’s twinkling,

but none can change or impair,

in living things under God’s care,

their laws of survival, their God-given instincts.

Verse 2

Although humankind, who lives

here on earth among all things,

has been corrupted and deceived by Satan,

man still can’t forgo all the things,

the water and air made by God.

He still lives, proliferates in this space God made.


Man’s instincts have not changed.

He still needs his eyes to see,

he needs his brain to think,

relies on his ears to hear,

legs to walk, hands to work,

with his heart he understands.

These instincts that allow

man to receive God’s gifts endure.

Verse 3

The faculties through which

man cooperates with God,

his path for performing duty, have not changed.

His spiritual needs aren’t altered,

nor his wish to know his roots.

Mankind’s yearning to be saved by God remains.


Such are mankind’s circumstances currently,

he who lives under God’s authority,

and has endured the carnage Satan brings.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 2. On Knowing God. God Himself, the Unique I

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