181 A Will of Steel to Follow God

1 I’ve believed in God all this time and I have finally seen the light. It’s been a rocky road of persecution and tribulations. My flight brings constant suffering, with no place to lay my head. So many nights I’ve spent in prayer, unable to sleep. The world has forsaken me; my loved ones shun me. Through bitter and sweet, I’ve cried an ocean. I have freedom in name only. What of human rights? How I hate Satan and long for Christ to take power! This world’s darkness and evil impel me to seek the light of life all the more. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, and I will follow Him to the end.

2 God struck down the shepherds, and we go through great tribulations. Dark clouds bear down, and fear is thick in the air. Several times I fell into the tiger’s lair and escaped from the jaws of death. God’s words consoled me, giving strength to my heart. Having suffered much torment, I know God’s loveliness well. God rules over all, but man’s faith is pathetic. Through the trials of fire people reap great benefit. I see through Satan and hate the great red dragon even more! The great red dragon, base and cruel, has corrupted and consumed countless souls. Gaining the truth and life is not easy; I must redouble my love for God and soothe His heart.

3 When I recall God’s work, I feel afresh how dear He is to me. By accepting His judgment, my disposition has changed. The hardships of chastisement and refinement bring deeper knowledge of God. That I can believe in Almighty God is truly glorious. Preaching and bearing witness for God, my heart is consoled. Despite the hardships, faithfully performing my duty is a pleasure. Life is short, and loving God is the greatest joy. Being able to serve God, my heart is satisfied! Almighty God has saved me, and given me a true life. To have my greatest dream come true, I will struggle on into tomorrow.

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The end of all things is approaching. Do you want to know how the returned Lord rewards good and punishes evil and determines man’s outcome? Do not hesitate to join our online sermon to get the answer.

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