158 My Resolve Strengthens Through Persecution

1 Satan holds power and opposes Heaven, it is perverse, lawless and godless. It hates Christ and condemns the truth, it bloodily suppresses the people and black clouds cover all the land. Following Christ and pursuing life is a rough road to follow, with many dangers and hardships. When will we be able to safely gather to fellowship on God’s words, and no longer live in hiding? When will we be able to perform our duty without having to guard against spies and plain-clothes policemen? When will we be able to preach the gospel and bear witness to God without facing arrest and imprisonment? When will the hunted brothers and sisters no longer have to live as fugitives? I’ve felt such resentment so many times, that I can’t help but cry out: Why must it deprive us of our freedom to believe and exterminate all Christians? Why does it conceal the truth to deceive and trick the people of the world? In pain, I beseech God and look to Him, asking Him for faith and strength. No matter how great the persecution and adversity, I shall never surrender to Satan.

2 Through imprisonment, torture and torment, God’s words guide me, and my heart no longer fears. I understand the truth and see through to the devil’s ugly face, and I hate the great red dragon even more. Though I suffer pain, my faith is strengthened. I know what to love and what to hate, and even more so I feel how lovely God is. When I can no longer endure the torture and torment, God’s words bolster my faith. When my life is in danger, God secretly protects me from harm. When I am besieged by Satan’s temptations, God’s words give me courage and wisdom. With God beside me, I no longer feel alone through the endless night. God’s words have guided me and protected me till now. I have experienced God’s words which carry great authority and power. In adversity, I feel God’s presence. Though my flesh suffers, my heart feels such sweetness. With God’s words with me, guiding me, I pledge my life to fight the final battle against Satan till the very end. I firm my resolve and bear resounding witness to glorify God.

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