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4 Must-Knows for Christians on How to Pray

How to pray to gain God’s approval is a truth we urgently need to enter into. This essay points out a path for how Christians can pray so that the Lord will hear. We can honestly pray to God from our souls, tell God what… Full Text


Peter's Prayer During Chastisement and Judgment

IGod when You treat me kindly,I feel comfort and delight.And God when You chastise me,joy and comfort multiply.Though I'm weak, bear untold pain,though I have tears and I'm sad,You know my sorrow comes frommy weakness an… Full Text

Worship Song | Learn How to Pray to God | "True Prayer"

Worship Song | Learn How to Pray to God | "True Prayer"

Worship Song | Learn How to Pray to God | "True Prayer" True prayer is spe… Full Text


Without Prayer You Cannot Work

IPrayer is not ceremonial, has lots of meaning.It can be seen from people's prayersGod they're directly serving.If you take prayer as ceremonial,then God you won't serve well.Without prayer, you can't work.Prayer brings … Full Text

A Prayer to Obey God's Work

IO God! May You do Your work in me,may You make me perfect and change me,so I may obey and know Your wishes in all things.There's Your great love and will in Your salvation of me.Although man resists and he rebels,althou… Full Text

How Does One Enter Into the True Prayer

IDuring prayer your heart must be at peace before God, your heart must be sincere.Truly commune when you pray to God.Don't cheat God with words pleasing to the ear.So your heart will be quiet before God.And in the enviro… Full Text

Worship God in Spirit and in Truth | Christian Worship Song | "The Significance of Prayer"

The Effect of True Prayer

IWalk in honesty,and pray that you will be rid of deep deception in your heart.Pray, to cleanse yourself; pray, be touched by God.Then your disposition will be changed.Man’s disposition changes as they pray.The more the … Full Text

The Prayer of God's People

IGod's people are raised before His throne, many prayers in their hearts. God blesses all who return to Him; they all live in the light. Pray the Holy Spirit enlightens God's word that we fully know God's will. May all p… Full Text

True Prayer

IITrue prayer is speaking your heart’s words to God.It’s based on God’s will and His word.True prayer is feeling, oh, so close to God,as if He’s in front of you.True prayer means you have much to say to God,your heart is… Full Text