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The Hostility in His Heart Is No Longer Growing

It was clear to him that being able to reap this harvest and having a bit of change was entirely achieved through the judgment and chastisement of God’s words. He offered up thanks and praise to God from the depths of his heart!

Diary of a Christian: Learning the Lesson of Obedience

Today was a day I’ll never forget. The person in charge told me that the church urgently needed a sister to perform hosting duties and asked if I’d be willing. When I heard this, my heart was in turmoil and I couldn’t calm myself down.

There Is Nothing God Cannot Do (Part 1)

After this experience, Zhen’ai’s faith in God increased, and she made a resolution that, after she had moved into the new building, she would do all in her power to fulfill her duty well to repay God’s love!

There Is Nothing God Cannot Do (Part 2)

Zhen’ai now understands that, as long as one accepts and submits to all the situations God orchestrates at all times and does not lose one’s faith in God, then one can witness God’s deeds and will come to appreciate that all things are under the sovereignty of God’s authority.

A Letter From a Recovered Cancer Patient to Her Sister

Through this illness, I came to see that I used to believe in God for the sake of gaining blessings and rewards, and that I was on the road to destruction. I now wish to start again, to examine and know myself in every situation God arranges for me, to seek to practice and enter into even more truths and to have my corrupt disposition changed.

The Fruits of Obeying God

I now feel that obeying God and obeying the situations God orchestrates is indeed a prerequisite for gaining the truth and entering into reality. Only by learning to seek the truth, understand the truth and practice the truth in the situations God arranges, as well as having knowledge of God, can one’s heart be at ease and at peace—this way of living is most meaningful and worthy.

What Does It Mean to Have Humanity?

God said: “Normal humanity includes these aspects: insight, sense, conscience, and character. If you can achieve normality in each of these respects, your humanity is up to standard. You should have the likeness of a normal human being and behave like a believer in God.”

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