Is It True That All God’s Work and Words Are in the Bible?

November 20, 2021

The Savior Almighty God has appeared and is working in the last days, and He’s expressed millions of words. He’s doing the work of judgment beginning with God’s house to fully cleanse and save mankind. The Word Appears in the Flesh, a collection of His words, is available online. It has not only rocked the religious world, but the entire world itself. Some of those who love the truth and long for God’s appearance, from every country and every denomination, have read Almighty God’s words, and seen they are the truth and the Holy Spirit’s utterances. They have heard God’s voice, recognized Almighty God as the Lord Jesus returned, and come before God’s throne. Just as the Lord Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me(John 10:27). But while many in the religious world acknowledge that Almighty God’s words are the truth, they are powerful and authoritative, since His words aren’t recorded in the Bible, they refuse to accept them. They believe that God’s work and words are all in the Bible, and none can be found outside of it. Almighty God’s words are the truth, but since they aren’t in the Bible, how could they be God’s work and words? And some, seeing that members of The Church of Almighty God read The Word Appears in the Flesh instead of the Bible, condemn this, saying departing from the Bible is betraying the Lord, that it’s heresy. This reminds me of the Jewish Pharisees, who judged, condemned, and fought against the Lord Jesus just because His work and words went beyond their Scripture and He wasn’t called Messiah. They even had Him crucified, and ended up punished and damned by God, dooming the nation of Israel. This is a thought-provoking lesson! Many religious people today insist that God’s work and words are all in the Bible, and none can be found outside of it. They deny and condemn Almighty God’s work and words, clinging to this mistaken idea. Some even outright admit that Almighty God’s words are the truth, but still don’t investigate them, and as a result are missing their chance to welcome the Lord before the disasters. Sadly, they have fallen into the disasters. “God’s work and words are all in the Bible, and none can be found outside of it.” This idea has caused countless people to miss their chance to welcome the Lord, doing unspeakable harm. What really is wrong with this idea? I’ll go ahead and share what I know about it.

Before delving into that, let’s clarify where the Bible came from. It’s composed of two parts: the Old Testament, and the New Testament. The Jews have faith in Jehovah, and use the Scriptures of the Old Testament, while Christians believing in the Lord Jesus use the New Testament. Both the Old and New Testaments were compiled by humans centuries after God had finished His work. The Bible didn’t fall from heaven, and of course God didn’t personally write it and hand it over to us. It was put together through collaboration among the religious leaders of that time. Of course they had the enlightenment and guidance of the Holy Spirit—there’s no doubt. Since the Bible was compiled by humans, there’s no way the Old Testament could possibly have included the content of the New Testament, and there’s no way the New Testament could have included God’s work of the last days. That’s because people can’t see into the future. The verses and books that made it into the Bible were selected, and not all of the prophets’ or apostles’ writings were put into the Bible. Quite a few were omitted or removed. But that’s not problematic. Since it was compiled by humans, it’s normal that there are certain selections, removals, and omissions. Where people go wrong in this is insisting all of God’s work and words are in the Bible, as if that was all God said and did in those ages. What sort of problem is this? Some of the prophets’ books weren’t recorded in the Old Testament, and a couple of books we know, like Enoch’s and Ezra’s, aren’t in the Bible. And we can be sure that there must be other apostles’ books that didn’t make it into the New Testament, not to mention that the Lord Jesus was preaching for over three years and must have said so much, but there’s very little of that in the Bible. As the apostle John said, “And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written” (John 21:25). It’s clear that the Bible’s record of God’s work and words is very limited! We know without a doubt that neither the Old nor the New Testament contains the full body of God’s work and words for that age. This is a fact all would acknowledge. There are many people in the religious world who don’t understand the Bible or how it was put together. They believe that all God’s work and words are in the Bible, and deny and condemn anything that’s outside of the Bible. Does that line up with historical facts? Isn’t that assertion judging God’s work? Isn’t it resisting God? The Bible was compiled after the fact and it was done by humans, so how could humans put God’s next stage of work into the Bible ahead of time? That would be impossible, because people lack the power of foreseeing. Those who compiled the Old Testament weren’t alive in the Lord Jesus’ day and they didn’t experience the Lord Jesus’ work. How could they have put His work and words, and the apostles’ books into the Old Testament ahead of time? There’s also no way that those who compiled the New Testament could put God’s work and words for the last days, 2,000 years later, into the Scripture beforehand. The whole religious world today has witnessed Almighty God’s work and words. Some have looked into them and acknowledged that Almighty God’s words are all the truth and possess authority. But since the Bible doesn’t contain Almighty God’s words and His name, and they can’t be found there, they deny Almighty God is the appearance of God Himself. Isn’t their mistake the same as the Pharisees’ when they resisted and condemned the Lord Jesus? The Pharisees thought that since the Lord Jesus’ name wasn’t Messiah, and His work and words didn’t fit with their Scriptures, they could deny He was the Messiah. Religious people today see that Almighty God’s name wasn’t prophesied in the Bible and His words can’t be found in it either, so they deny and condemn Almighty God’s work and words. They’re committing that sin of nailing God to the cross all over again. In fact, although the Bible doesn’t contain God’s work and words of the last days, there are prophecies about God’s new name in the last days, like this one in Isaiah: “And the Gentiles shall see Your righteousness, and all kings Your glory: and You shall be called by a new name, which the mouth of Jehovah shall name(Isaiah 62:2). And we can see in Revelation: “Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write on him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, which is new Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God: and I will write on him My new name(Revelation 3:12). “I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, said the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty(Revelation 1:8). “Alleluia: for the Lord God Almighty reigns(Revelation 19:6). The Bible also prophesies God speaking more and doing more work in the last days, like the Lord Jesus said: “I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come(John 16:12–13). There’s also a warning that appears in Revelation seven times: “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” Revelation also prophesies that God will open the sealed scroll in the last days. Clearly, God is prophesied to speak to the churches in the last days and lead mankind into all truths. How could this work and words from God for the last days appear in the Bible beforehand? That’s impossible! With all these prophecies and obvious facts, why are so many people blind, with their eyes wide open, judging and insisting that God’s work and words are all in the Bible, and none can be found outside of it? Clearly, having the gall to judge and resist God now that He has appeared and is working, these people don’t understand God’s work, and don’t remotely understand the truth. They are condemned and eliminated by God, and they’ve already fallen into the disasters. This fulfills the biblical verses: “Fools die for want of wisdom” (Proverbs 10:21). “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge(Hosea 4:6).

Let’s look at some of Almighty God’s words. “The things that are recorded in the Bible are limited; they cannot represent the work of God in its entirety. The Four Gospels have fewer than one hundred chapters altogether, in which are written a finite number of happenings, such as Jesus cursing the fig tree, Peter’s three denials of the Lord, Jesus appearing to the disciples following His crucifixion and resurrection, teaching about fasting, teaching about prayer, teaching about divorce, the birth and genealogy of Jesus, Jesus’ appointment of the disciples, and so forth. However, man values them as treasures, even comparing the work of today against them. They even believe that all the work Jesus did in His life amounted only to so much, as if God were only capable of doing this much and nothing further. Is this not absurd?(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Mystery of the Incarnation (1)).

After all, which is greater: God or the Bible? Why must God work according to the Bible? Could it be that God has no right to exceed the Bible? Can God not depart from the Bible and do other work? Why did Jesus and His disciples not keep the Sabbath? If He were to practice in light of the Sabbath and according to the commandments of the Old Testament, why did Jesus not keep the Sabbath after He came, but instead washed feet, covered head, broke bread, and drank wine? Is this not all absent from the commandments of the Old Testament? If Jesus honored the Old Testament, why did He break with these doctrines? You should know which came first, God or the Bible! Being the Lord of the Sabbath, could He not also be the Lord of the Bible?(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Concerning the Bible (1)).

No one knows the reality of the Bible: that it is nothing more than a historical record of God’s work, and a testament to the previous two stages of God’s work, and that it offers you no understanding of the aims of God’s work. Everyone who has read the Bible knows that it documents the two stages of God’s work during the Age of Law and the Age of Grace. The Old Testament chronicles the history of Israel and Jehovah’s work from the time of creation until the end of the Age of Law. The New Testament records Jesus’ work on earth, which is in the Four Gospels, as well as the work of Paul—are these not historical records? Bringing up the things of the past today makes them history, and no matter how true or real they might be, they are still history—and history cannot address the present, for God does not look back on history! And so, if you only understand the Bible, and understand nothing of the work God intends to do today, and if you believe in God but do not seek the work of the Holy Spirit, then you do not understand what it means to seek God. If you read the Bible in order to study the history of Israel, to research the history of God’s creation of all the heavens and earth, then you do not believe in God. But today, since you believe in God, and pursue life, since you pursue the knowledge of God, and do not pursue dead letters and doctrines or an understanding of history, you must seek God’s will of today, and you must look for the direction of the Holy Spirit’s work. If you were an archeologist you could read the Bible—but you are not, you are one of those who believe in God, and you had best seek God’s will of today(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Concerning the Bible (4)).

If you wish to see the work of the Age of Law, and to see how the Israelites followed the way of Jehovah, then you must read the Old Testament; if you wish to understand the work of the Age of Grace, then you must read the New Testament. But how do you see the work of the last days? You must accept the leadership of the God of today, and enter into the work of today, for this is the new work, and no one has previously recorded it in the Bible. Today, God has become flesh and selected other chosen ones in China. God works in these people, He continues on from His work on earth, and continues on from the work of the Age of Grace. The work of today is a path that man has never walked, and a way that no one has ever seen. It is work that has never been done before—it is God’s latest work on earth. Thus, work that has never been done before is not history, because now is now, and has yet to become the past. People do not know that God has done greater, newer work on earth, and outside of Israel, that it has already gone beyond the scope of Israel, and beyond the foretelling of the prophets, that it is new and marvelous work outside of the prophecies, and newer work beyond Israel, and work that people can neither perceive nor imagine. How could the Bible contain explicit records of such work? Who could have recorded every single bit of today’s work, without omission, in advance? Who could have recorded this mightier, wiser work that defies convention, in that moldy old book? The work of today is not history, and as such, if you wish to walk the new path of today, then you must depart from the Bible, you must go beyond the books of prophecy or history in the Bible. Only then will you be able to walk the new path properly, and only then will you be able to enter into the new realm and the new work. … Since there is a higher way, why study that low, outdated way? Since there are newer utterances, and newer work, why live amid old historical records? The new utterances can provide for you, which proves that this is the new work; the old records cannot sate you, or satisfy your current needs, which proves that they are history, and not the work of the here and now. The highest way is the newest work, and with the new work, no matter how high the way of the past, it is just history that people are looking back on, and no matter its value as reference, it is still the old way. Even though it is recorded in the ‘holy book,’ the old way is history; even though there is no record of it in the ‘holy book,’ the new way is of the here and now. This way can save you, and this way can change you, for this is the work of the Holy Spirit(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Concerning the Bible (1)).

The fact I wish to explain here is this: What God is and has is eternally inexhaustible and infinite. God is the source of life and all things; He cannot be fathomed by any created being. Lastly, I must continue to remind everybody: Do not delimit God in books, in words, or in His past utterances ever again. There is only one word to describe the characteristic of God’s work: new. He does not like to take old paths or repeat His work; moreover, He does not want people to worship Him by delimiting Him within a certain scope. This is God’s disposition(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Afterword).

Almighty God’s words make it all clear, don’t they? The Bible is just a record of God’s two stages of work in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace. It’s a historical book, and it absolutely can’t represent all of God’s work and words. God is the Creator, the source of human life. He’s been speaking and working for millennia, and He’s an inexhaustible source of sustenance for mankind, always leading us forward. His words are the fount of living waters, always flowing. God’s work and words can’t be held back by any person or thing, much less restricted by the Bible. He has never stopped speaking more and performing new work according to His management plan and mankind’s needs. Jehovah God issued the law to guide mankind’s life on earth in the Age of Law, when there was no Bible at all. The Lord Jesus preached the way of repentance in the Age of Grace and did the work of redemption, going beyond the Old Testament. Almighty God has come in the last days and is doing the work of judgment beginning with the house of God. He has opened the seven seals and the scroll, expressing all truths that cleanse and fully save mankind. This is a new, more elevated stage of work done on the foundation of the redemption work of the Age of Grace. It’s newer and more practical work, and couldn’t possibly have appeared in the Bible beforehand. We can see from this that God’s work is always new and never old, always moving forward, never repeating. His new work surpasses what is in the Bible, giving man a new path and even higher truths. So our faith can’t be based on the Bible alone, and we certainly can’t say all God’s work and words are in the Bible. We have to seek the Holy Spirit’s work and keep up with the footsteps of God’s work, to receive the sustenance and shepherding of God’s current words. Just as Revelation says: “These are they which follow the Lamb wherever He goes(Revelation 14:4). These are the wise virgins who can attend the Lamb’s wedding feast and gain God’s salvation in the last days.

Almighty God has been doing His last days’ work of judgment for 30 years and He has expressed millions of words. His utterances are plentiful and lacking nothing. They unveil the Bible’s mysteries along with all the mysteries of God’s 6,000-year management plan, such as His aims in managing mankind, how Satan corrupts human beings, how God saves mankind from Satan’s forces step by step, how God purifies mankind and makes man holy through trials and refinement, the significance of His judgment work in the last days, the mysteries of the incarnations and His names, the real story of the Bible, all kinds of people’s outcomes, mankind’s final destination, and how Christ’s kingdom is realized on earth. Almighty God also judges and exposes the truth of mankind’s corruption and their anti-God, satanic nature. He shows us the path to escape sin and be fully saved by God, like how to truly repent, how to forsake the flesh and practice the truth, how to be an honest person, how to do God’s will, how to fear God and shun evil, how to achieve knowledge of and submission to God, love for God, and more. Almighty God’s words are more plentiful and elevated than God’s words in the Age of Law and Age of Grace, and they are all truths we must possess to attain God’s salvation. They are incredibly eye-opening and fulfilling, and give us a path of practice in everything. In Almighty God’s words, we find every answer and solution for all our struggles and questions in our faith. The Word Appears in the Flesh from Almighty God is the Bible for the Age of Kingdom, and it is the way of eternal life God has bestowed upon man in the last days. By eating, drinking, and practicing Almighty God’s words, being judged, chastised through His words and understanding some truths, God’s chosen people gain true understanding of God. Their corrupt dispositions are cleansed and changed to varying degrees, and they ultimately escape the bonds of sin and bear testimony of defeating Satan. They are the overcomers God has completed before the disasters. Almighty God’s name, work and words may not be recorded in the Bible, but the fruit borne, the real outcomes attained by Almighty God’s work and words entirely fulfill the Bible’s prophecies. There are videos and movies of God’s chosen people’s testimonies online now, bearing witness to the world of Almighty God’s appearance and work. Almighty God’s words are like a great light, shining from the East to the West, illuminating the whole world. More and more people from every corner of the world who love the truth are investigating the true way, and turning toward Almighty God. This is a great wave sweeping the world that no force can stop. Just like Almighty God says, “One day, when the entire universe returns to God, the center of His work throughout the cosmos will follow His utterances; elsewhere, some people will use the telephone, some will take a plane, some will take a boat across the sea, and some will use lasers to receive the utterances of God. Everyone will be adoring, and yearnful, they will all come close to God, and congregate toward God, and will all worship God—and all of this will be the deeds of God. Remember this! God will certainly never start again elsewhere. God will accomplish this fact: He will make all people throughout the universe come before Him and worship the God on earth, and His work in other places will cease, and people will be forced to seek the true way. It will be like Joseph: Everyone came to him for food, and bowed down to him, for he had things to eat. In order to avoid famine, people will be forced to seek the true way. The entire religious community will suffer severe famine, and only the God of today is the wellspring of living water, possessed of the ever-flowing wellspring provided for the enjoyment of man, and people will come and depend on Him. That will be the time when the deeds of God are revealed and when God gains glory; all people throughout the universe will worship this unremarkable ‘human being.’ Will this not be the day of God’s glory? … When the whole kingdom rejoices will be the day of God’s glory, and whoever comes to you and receives God’s good news will be blessed by God, and the countries and people who do so will be blessed and cared for by God. The future direction will be thus: Those who gain the utterances from God’s mouth will have a path to walk on earth, and be they businessmen or scientists, or educators or industrialists, those who are without God’s words will have a hard time taking even a single step, and will be forced to seek the true way. This is what is meant by, ‘With the truth you will walk the entire world; without the truth, you will get nowhere.’(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived). The Age of Kingdom is the Age of Word. God is using His words to conquer, cleanse, and save mankind, and has completed a group of overcomers. This fully shows the authority and power of God’s words. But the religious world clings to the Bible, refusing to accept Almighty God’s judgment and cleansing. These people are stuck in their old life of sinning, confessing, and sinning again, and have already been eliminated through God’s work, falling into disasters, weeping and gnashing their teeth. They’re still waiting for the Lord to come on a cloud and rapture them up into the kingdom of heaven for eternal life. Isn’t that wishful thinking? Just as the Lord Jesus said, “Search the scriptures; for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of Me. And you will not come to Me, that you might have life(John 5:39–40). Those who cling to the Bible won’t gain the truth or life. Only those who believe in Christ, who follow and submit to Christ will gain the truth and life. Christ of the last days, Almighty God, is now expressing truths to cleanse and fully save mankind. If we want the truth and life, we have to go beyond the Bible and keep up with God’s footsteps, accept and submit to Almighty God’s judgment and cleansing. That’s the only way to escape sin and be fully saved by God, and the only way to be protected by God through the disasters, and enter into His kingdom. Those who won’t let go of the Bible, but are stuck in God’s past work and words, who refuse to accept the way of truth God bestows on us in the last days, will completely miss out on God’s work to fully save mankind, and can only fall into the disasters and be punished. Just as Almighty God says, “The work of God never waits for any that cannot keep pace with Him, and the righteous disposition of God shows no mercy to any man(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth).

Let’s conclude with another passage of Almighty God’s words: “Christ of the last days brings life, and brings the enduring and everlasting way of truth. This truth is the path by which man gains life, and it is the only path by which man shall know God and be approved by God. If you do not seek the way of life provided by Christ of the last days, then you shall never gain the approval of Jesus, and shall never be qualified to enter the gate of the kingdom of heaven, for you are both a puppet and prisoner of history. Those who are controlled by regulations, by letters, and shackled by history will never be able to gain life nor gain the perpetual way of life. This is because all they have is turbid water which has been clung to for thousands of years instead of the water of life that flows from the throne. Those who are not supplied with the water of life will forever remain corpses, playthings of Satan, and sons of hell. How, then, can they behold God? If you only try to hold on to the past, only try to keep things as they are by standing still, and do not try to change the status quo and discard history, then will you not always be against God? The steps of God’s work are vast and mighty, like surging waves and rolling thunders—yet you sit passively awaiting destruction, clinging to your folly and doing nothing. In this way, how can you be considered someone who follows the footsteps of the Lamb? How can you justify the God that you hold on to as a God who is always new and never old? And how can the words of your yellowed books carry you across into a new age? How can they lead you to seek the steps of God’s work? And how can they take you up to heaven? What you hold in your hands are letters that can provide but temporary solace, not truths that are capable of giving life. The scriptures you read can only enrich your tongue and are not words of philosophy that can help you know human life, much less the paths that can lead you to perfection. Does this discrepancy not give you cause for reflection? Does it not make you realize the mysteries contained within? Are you capable of delivering yourself to heaven to meet God on your own? Without the coming of God, can you take yourself into heaven to enjoy family happiness with God? Are you still dreaming now? I suggest, then, that you stop dreaming and look at who is working now—look to see who is now carrying out the work of saving man during the last days. If you do not, you shall never gain the truth, and shall never gain life(The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life).

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