780 The Testimony Man Should Bear

1 Bearing testimony to God primarily requires that you speak of your knowledge of God’s work, of how God conquers people, of how He saves people, of how He changes people, and of how He guides people to enter into the reality of the truth, allowing them to be conquered, made perfect, and saved by Him. Bearing testimony means speaking of His work and all that you have experienced. Only His work can represent Him, and only His work can publicly reveal His entirety; His work bears testimony to Him. Thus, when you bear testimony to God, it is not just testifying to His exterior of normal humanity, but also to the work He does, and the path He leads; it is to testify to how you have been conquered by Him, and in what aspects you have been made perfect. This is the kind of testimony you should bear.

2 You have experienced each step of chastisement, judgment, refinement, trials, setbacks, and tribulations, and you have been conquered; you have put aside the prospects of the flesh, your personal motivations, and the personal interests of the flesh. In other words, your heart has been utterly conquered by God’s words. Although your life has not grown to the extent He asked, you know all these things, and you are utterly convinced by what He does—then this is testimony, and this testimony is real! The work God has come to do—judgment and chastisement—is in order to conquer man, but He also carries out the final chapter of His work. He ends the entire age, totally delivers humankind from sin, and completely gains humankind, which He created. This is all that you should bear testimony to.

Adapted from “Practice (7)” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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