146 Through Adversity, My Love for God Is Strengthened

1 I was thrown into a prison of the demonic CCP, confronted by the ferocious and fiendish faces of the police. Not knowing if I could bear their cruel tortures, I felt timid and weak. I didn’t know if I would ever again have the chance to live the church life and perform my duty. I didn’t know if I would ever again be able to work together with brothers and sisters and serve and testify to God. My heart called on God in earnest, asking God to save me from Satan’s net. Despite Satan’s savage ferocity, my fate was in God’s hands. When I understood the truth, I found my faith in God, and I no longer feared their cruel torment. Whether I lived or died, I would obey God’s arrangements, and I would bear resounding witness for God at the risk of losing my own life.

2 The demonic CCP is ferocious and abominable, it used both hard and soft tactics, trying to force me to betray God. When electricity shot through my whole body, I felt I would soon suffocate. When needles were stabbed into my fingers, the piercing pain made death seem preferable to life. In my pain, God’s words gave me faith and strength and the fortitude to face it all. I thought of how I had not sincerely loved God before, and I was left with so many regrets. I wished only to dedicate my heart to God at that moment, and if God accepted me then my heart would feel relieved and at ease. No matter how the CCP tormented me, I would still love God and bear witness to God. If I had tomorrow, I would surely do my utmost to pursue the truth and love God more deeply.

3 The demons hurt me until my life hung by a thread, God secretly protected me from serious harm. Adversity allowed my heart to get closer to God. With God beside me, pain turned to sweetness. In dire straits, I came face-to-face with God and was purified and saved by God. Undergoing the cruel tortures of the CCP, I clearly saw Satan’s hideous countenance. I came to distinguish between justice and evil, and I saw even more that only God is love. I hate the great red dragon even more and would rather die than submit. I follow God with an iron will. The road to heaven is hard and rocky, filled with temptation and danger. With God’s words to guide me, I wish that I always lean close to God and my love for Him never changes.

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