169 Trials in Prison

1 Spreading the gospel and testifying to God, I was arrested and tortured by the CCP to extract a confession. Cold shackles on my hands, they hung me up. As the steel cuffs bit deep into my wrists, red blood gushed; the pain was hard to bear. My whole body in agony from repeated electric shocks, I barely clung to life. The inhumane cruelty of the wicked police had one aim: to force me to become a Judas and betray God. Over and over, they screamed abuse at me, beat me, and pressed needles into my fingertips. Again and again, they injected me with drugs to disorient me and sap my last ounce of will. Exhausted, my mind gradually blurred; I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I could bear the torture from these evil police no longer, and wished only to die and escape the pain.

2 Amid the haze, God’s words resounded in my ears, reigniting my spirit. God said, “Even at your last breath, still you must be faithful to God.” Wishing to flee from this trial amidst the torment of my flesh, I had become the laughingstock of Satan. God’s love had yet to be repaid—how could I give up so easily? The advent of trials would perfect my faith; I was blessed to suffer in order to gain the truth. Without true faith in God, I remained a traitorous coward. Though my flesh was pained, God was by my side; I understood God’s will and my spirit found its strength. I would summon up the mettle of God’s people and bear testimony to God, bringing shame upon the devil Satan. I would maintain absolute loyalty and obedience to God; whether I lived or died was in God’s hands.

3 Experiencing persecution, I saw the evil of the CCP; it is the embodiment of Satan. With its utter detestation of God and the truth, it rabidly tries to hunt Christ to death. It employs every means to hunt down and persecute Christians, treating us with extreme cruelty. God’s words guided me at every step; only thanks to His words could I stand firm. My revulsion at the ignobility and shamelessness of Satan inspires me to love God and be devoted. Only God is the truth and life, only He can save man from the influence of Satan. God is so wise: He uses Satan in His service to make a group of overcomers. I have beheld, already, the earnest intentions of God, and I have sensed the dearness and loveliness of God. Even if I spend the rest of my life in prison, I shall not yield. I pledge my life to follow God to the very end!

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