New English Christian Songs - 2020 Praise Hymns With Lyrics

New English Christian Songs - 2020 Praise Hymns With Lyrics

6519 |June 2, 2020

00:00:00 The Status and Identity of God Himself

00:04:04 Who Can Understand God’s Heart?

00:08:50 God Has Wrought New Work Throughout the Universe

00:13:26 Undergo God’s Work to Discover His Loveliness

00:17:40 God Hopes Man Can Know and Understand Him

00:21:07 Man Must Worship God for a Good Destiny

00:25:08 God Likes Those Who Pursue the Truth

00:28:21 Knowing Him Is God’s Final Requirement of Mankind

00:33:17 God Descends With Judgment

00:36:37 Follow the Holy Spirit’s New Work to Gain God’s Praise

00:39:50 Be Someone Who Accepts the Truth

00:44:20 Denying the End-Time Christ Blasphemes the Holy Spirit

00:50:13 No One Understands God’s Earnest Wish to Save Man

00:55:59 God Will Restore the Former State of Creation

01:01:24 God’s Creation Should Obey His Authority

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