2020 Praise Songs - New English Christian Devotional Songs

May 29, 2020

00:00 The Movement of God’s Work in the Universe

06:29 God Has Done Greater and Newer Work Among the Gentiles in the Last Days

00:11:48 God’s Kingdom Is Established Among Men

00:15:39 God’s Wondrous Deeds in Managing All Things

00:20:52 Nothing Can Be Achieved Without Relying on God

00:25:22 God Long Ago Determined Man’s Fate

00:31:29 Everyone Has the Chance to Be Perfected

00:34:37 Obey the Holy Spirit’s Work and You Will Be on the Path to Perfection

00:39:56 The Significance of God’s Managing Mankind

00:43:08 God’s Promise to Man in the Last Days

00:48:12 Only Almighty God Can Save Man

00:54:17 In the Age of Kingdom God Perfects Man by Words

00:57:34 God Achieves All in the Last Days Mainly Through Words

01:02:25 God Rewards Twice Over Those Who Cooperate With Him

01:05:58 Live in God’s Words to Have the Work of the Holy Spirit

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