English Christian Song | "God Wishes Mankind Will Pursue the Truth and Survive"

May 30, 2024


Why must man pursue the truth?

The foremost reason is that, to God,

pursuing the truth involves His management,

involves His expectations of mankind,

and involves the hopes that He entrusts to mankind.

This is one part of God's management plan.

This is one part of God's management plan.

Whoever you are and however long you've believed in God,

if you do not pursue the truth or love it,

you will inevitably end up as one who is to be cast out.

This is plain as day.


God does three stages of work;

He has had a management plan since He created mankind,

and He has gone on to effect each of its stages, one by one, in mankind,

and to lead mankind, step by step, to the present.

How great the painstaking effort and the price He has paid forth,

and how long He has endured,

toward the ultimate goal of working the truths He expresses

and each aspect of the criteria of His requirements,

which He tells man, on man,

turning those into man's life and reality, into man's life and reality.

As God sees it, this is such an important matter.

God places such weight on it.

As God sees it, this is such an important matter.

God places such weight on it.


Each and every person,

no matter your caliber, or age,

or no matter the number of years you have believed in God,

should put your efforts toward the path of pursuing the truth.

You shouldn't emphasize any objective rationales;

you should pursue the truth unconditionally.

Don't idle your days away.

If you seek and put your efforts toward the pursuit of the truth

as the great matter of your life,

it may be that the truth you gain and can reach in your pursuit

is not what you'd have wished for.

But if God says

He will give you a proper destination

depending on your attitude in your pursuit and your sincerity,

then how wonderful that will be!


For now, don't focus on what your destination or outcome will be,

or what will happen and what the future holds,

or whether you will be able to avoid disaster and not die—

don't think of these things or ask for them.

Concentrate only on pursuing the truth in God's words and His requirements,

on performing your duty well,

and on satisfying God's will,

so that you will not prove unworthy

of God's six thousand years of waiting and anticipation.

Give God some comfort; let Him see some hope for you,

and let His wishes be realized in you.

Would God mistreat you if you did so?

Would God mistreat you if you did so?

And even if the end results aren't as you would have wished,

as a created being, you should submit in all things

to God's orchestrations and arrangements,

without any personal agenda.

That's the right mindset.

from The Word, Vol. 6. On the Pursuit of the Truth I. Why Man Must Pursue the Truth

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