Christian Song | "For Man's Life, God Endures All Suffering"

October 2, 2020

No one has ever looked into

the secrets governing the origin and continuation of man’s life.

Only God, who understands all of this, silently endures

the hurt and the blows that

man, who has received everything from God but is not thankful, gives Him.

Man takes for granted all that life brings,

and, likewise, it is “a matter of course” that

God is betrayed by man, forgotten by man, and extorted by man.

Could it be that God’s plan is truly of such importance?

Could it be that man, this living being that came from the hand of God,

is truly of such importance?

The plan of God is assuredly of importance;

however, this living being created by the hand of God

exists for the sake of His plan.

Therefore, God cannot lay waste to His plan out of hatred for this human race.

It is for the sake of His plan and for the breath He exhaled

that God endures all torments, God endures all torments,

not for the flesh of man but for the life of man.

He does so in order to take back not the flesh of man

but the life He breathed out.

This is His plan. This is His plan.

from Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs

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