Praise Song | "God Has Given All His Love to Humanity"

November 11, 2020

Whether God is righteous, majestic, or wrathful,

all of the work He does for the salvation of humanity results from love.

Why did God become flesh?

It has already been said that He spares no effort to save mankind;

as such, His incarnation is endowed with the entirety of His love.

Because man is rebellious toward God to the extreme,

and the situation is beyond remedy,

He had no choice but to become flesh and offer Himself up to mankind.

God offers up all of His love.

God offers up all of His love.

If He did not love humanity, He would not have become flesh;

rather, He would have struck thunder from the heavens,

directly issuing forth His majesty and wrath

and causing man to collapse to the ground.

There would have been no need for God

to go to all the effort of becoming flesh;

He would not have had to pay such a great price

or suffer such excessive humiliation.

This is a clear example.

He would rather suffer pain, humiliation,

abandonment, and persecution to save humans;

despite such a hostile environment, He still brings them salvation.

Could there be any greater love?

Could there be any greater love?

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