English Christian Song | "Only God Incarnate Can Completely Save Mankind"

July 3, 2024


The best thing about God's work in the flesh

is that He can leave accurate words and exhortations,

and His specific will for mankind to those who follow Him,

so that afterward His followers can more accurately and concretely

pass on all of His work in the flesh,

and His will for the whole of mankind, to those who accept this way.

Only the work of God in the flesh among man

truly accomplishes the fact of God's being and living together with man.

Only this work fulfills man's desire to behold the face of God,

witness the work of God, and hear the personal word of God.

The incarnate God brings to an end the age

when only the back of Jehovah appeared to mankind,

and He also concludes the age of mankind's belief in the vague God.


The work of the last incarnate God

brings all mankind into an age that is more realistic,

more practical, and more beautiful.

He not only concludes the age of law and rules,

but more importantly,

He reveals to man a God who's practical and normal,

who is righteous and holy, righteous and holy,

who unlocks the work of the management plan

and who demonstrates mankind's mysteries and destination,

who created mankind and brings to an end the management work,

and who has remained hidden for thousands of years.

He brings the age of vagueness to a complete end,

He concludes the age in which the whole of mankind

wished to seek God's face but was unable to,

He ends the age in which the whole of mankind served Satan,

and He leads the whole of mankind all the way into a completely new era.

All this is the outcome of the work

of God in the flesh in place of God's Spirit.

When God works in His flesh,

those who follow Him cease to guess at the will of the vague God,

those who follow Him cease to guess at the will of the vague God.


The Spirit is impalpable to man, and invisible to man,

and the work of the Spirit is incapable of leaving

any further evidence or facts of God's work for man.

Man shall never behold the real face of God,

he shall always believe in a vague God that does not exist.

Man shall never behold the face of God,

nor will man ever hear words personally spoken by God.

Man's imaginings are, after all, empty,

and cannot replace the true face of God;

the inherent disposition of God, and the work of God Himself,

cannot be impersonated by man.

The invisible God in heaven and His work

can only be brought to earth by God incarnate

who personally does His work among man.

This is the most ideal way for God to appear to man;

this is the most ideal way in which man sees God

and comes to know the true face of God.

It can't be achieved by a non-incarnate God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of the Incarnate God

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