English Christian Song | "God Incarnate Is More Suited to the Work of Salvation"

June 2, 2024


In the last days, God does His work by appearing

in His incarnate identity.

The one who's judged is man,

man who's of flesh and has been corrupted,

and it's not the spirit of Satan that is judged directly,

so, the work of judgment is not carried out in the spiritual realm,

but among man.

None is more suitable, and qualified, than God in the flesh

for the work of judging the corruption of man's flesh.

None is more suitable, and qualified, than God in the flesh

for the work of judging the corruption of man's flesh.

If judgment were carried out by God's Spirit,

then it would not be all-embracing.

Such work would be difficult for man to accept,

for the Spirit cannot come face-to-face with man,

and because of this, the effects wouldn't be immediate,

the effects wouldn't be immediate,

much less would man be able to behold

the unoffendable disposition of God more clearly.


Satan can only be fully defeated

if God in the flesh judges man's corruption.

Being the same as man possessed of normal humanity,

He can directly judge man's unrighteousness;

this is the mark of His innate holiness, and of His extraordinariness.

Only God is fit to, and is in the position to, judge man,

for He possesses the truth and righteousness,

and so He is able to judge man.

Those who are without truth and righteousness

are not fit to judge others.

If this work were done by the Spirit of God,

then it wouldn't mean victory over Satan.

The Spirit is more exalted than mortal beings,

the Spirit is inherently holy, and triumphant over the flesh.

If the Spirit did this work directly,

He would not be able to judge all of man's rebelliousness,

and could not reveal all of man's unrighteousness,

all of man's unrighteousness.


The judgment work's done through man's notions of God,

and man's never had any notions of the Spirit,

and so the Spirit's incapable of better revealing

the unrighteousness of man,

much less of completely exposing such unrighteousness.

The incarnate God is the enemy of all those who don't know Him.

Through judging man's notions and opposition to Him,

He exposes all the rebelliousness of mankind.

The effects of His work in the flesh are more apparent

than those of the work of the Spirit.

And so, the judgment of all mankind

is not carried out directly by the Spirit

but is the work of the incarnate God,

but is the work of the incarnate God.

God in the flesh can be seen and touched by man,

and God in the flesh can completely conquer man.

In his relationship with God in the flesh,

man progresses from opposition to submission,

from persecution to acceptance,

from notions to knowledge, and from rejection to love—

these are the effects of the work of the incarnate God.

from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Corrupt Mankind Is More in Need of the Salvation of the Incarnate God

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