Christian Testimony Video | "God Is So Righteous"

November 11, 2020

Over the course of performing his duty, the main character discovers that the church leader Yan Zhuo is wanton and dictatorial, and that she arbitrarily suppresses anyone who holds a different opinion. She is a true antichrist who hates the truth! He writes a letter reporting her but, much to his surprise, his letter ends up in the hands of this antichrist. Suppressed and isolated, he sinks into misery and suffering. Through prayer, seeking, and reading Almighty God's words, he comes to understand that, whether God's deeds are in line with people's notions or not, His righteous essence is forever immutable, and the forces of evil will always lose their foothold in God's house sooner or later. He also comes to realize that God permits the existence of antichrists and false leaders so His chosen people may understand the truth and develop discernment. Once he understands God's will, the main character decides to write another letter reporting this antichrist. Does he succeed this time? Is the antichrist expelled from the church? Watch God Is So Righteous to find out.

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