Christian Testimony Video Based on a True Story | "God's Words Led Me Out of a Living Hell"

October 21, 2021

When the protagonist was arrested due to her belief in God, the CCP police officers tortured her in an effort to make her betray God and rat on her brothers and sisters. They fastened her arms tightly behind her, put a wooden rod between her arms and body and then hung her up by the rod so that her legs dangled in the air and her arms were supporting all her body weight. After being subjected to this torture several times, her shoulders became dislocated and her arms went numb. The officers kept interrogating her, forcing mustard oil up her nose and pricking underneath her fingernails with toothpicks. They also tased her, hit her in the face and later had her sentenced to a year and half of re-education through labor. In the midst of her suffering and weakness, God's words guided her and gave her faith. She also gained discernment of the CCP's God-resisting, demonic essence. After five months, her arms miraculously recovered, and she gained a deep appreciation of the authority and majesty of God's words as well as God's almightiness and sovereignty. This experience strengthened her faith and resolve to follow God.

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