Christian Song | "God Protects Those Who Love Him"

November 10, 2020

In the future, great trials may befall you—

but today, if you love God with a true heart,

and if, regardless of how great the trials ahead,

irrespective of what happens to you,

you are able to stand firm in your testimony

and are able to satisfy God,

then your heart will be comforted,

and you will be unafraid

no matter how great the trials you encounter in the future.

You cannot see what will happen in the future;

you can only satisfy God in today’s circumstances.

You are incapable of doing any great work

and should focus on satisfying God

by experiencing His words in real life,

and bear strong and resounding testimony

that brings shame upon Satan.

Although your flesh will remain unsatisfied

and will have suffered,

you will have satisfied God and brought shame upon Satan.

If you always practice in this way,

God will open up a path before you.

When, one day, a great trial comes,

others will fall down, but you will still be able to stand firm:

Because of the price you have paid,

God will protect you so you can stand firm,

so you can stand firm and not fall down.

If, ordinarily, you are able to put the truth into practice

and satisfy God with a heart that truly loves Him,

then God will surely protect you during future trials.

Though you are foolish and of little stature and poor caliber,

God will not discriminate against you.

It depends on whether your intentions are right.

Today, you are able to satisfy God,

in which you are attentive to the smallest detail,

you satisfy God in all things,

you have a heart that truly loves God,

you give your true heart to God,

and although there are some things that you cannot understand,

you can come before God

to rectify your intentions and seek God’s will,

and you do everything needed to satisfy God.

Perhaps your brothers and sisters will abandon you,

but your heart will be satisfying God,

and you will not covet the pleasures of the flesh.

If you always practice in this way,

you will be protected when great trials come upon you.

If you always practice in this way,

you will be protected when great trials come upon you.

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