Daily Words of God: God's Disposition and What He Has and Is | Excerpt 232

April 18, 2021

I am righteous, I am trustworthy, and I am the God who examines the innermost heart of man! I will reveal at once who is true and who is false. Do not be alarmed; all things work according to My time. Who wants Me sincerely, and who does not—I will tell you, one by one. You just take care to eat up, drink up, and draw up close to Me when you come into My presence, and I will do My work Myself. Do not be too anxious for quick results; My work is not something that can be accomplished all at once. Within it there are My steps and My wisdom, and that is why My wisdom can be revealed. I will let you see what is done by My hands—the punishing of evil and the rewarding of good. I most certainly do not favor anyone. You who sincerely love Me, I will sincerely love you, and as for those who do not sincerely love Me, My wrath will ever be with them, so that they may remember through eternity that I am the true God, the God who examines the innermost heart of man. Do not act one way to others’ faces but another way behind their backs; I see clearly everything you do, and though you may fool others, you cannot fool Me. I see it all clearly. It is not possible for you to conceal anything; all lies within My hands. Do not think yourself so very clever for making your petty little calculations come out to your advantage. I tell you: However many plans man may hatch, be they thousands or tens of thousands, in the end they cannot escape from the palm of My hand. All things and all objects are controlled by My hands, never mind a single person! Do not try to evade Me or hide, do not try to wheedle or conceal. Can it be that you still do not see that My glorious countenance, My wrath and My judgment, have been publicly revealed? Whosoever does not want Me sincerely, I will judge them immediately and without mercy. My pity has come to its end; there is no more left. Do not be hypocrites any longer, and put a stop to your wild and reckless ways.

My son, take care; spend more time in My presence and I will take charge of you. Have no fear, bring forth My sharp two-edged sword, and—in accordance with My will—fight with Satan to the bitter end. I will protect you; have no worries. All concealed things will be opened up and revealed. I am the Sun that gives forth light, mercilessly illuminating all the darkness. My judgment has come down in its entirety; the church is a battleground. You should all ready yourselves and devote your whole being to the final, decisive battle; I will surely protect you so that you may fight the good, victorious fight for Me.

Be careful—nowadays the hearts of people are deceitful and unpredictable and they have no way of winning other people’s trust. Only I am completely for you. There is no deceit in Me; just lean on Me! My sons will surely be victorious in the final, decisive battle, and Satan will most certainly come out for the death-struggle. Have no fear! I am your power, and I am your all. Do not think about things over and over, you cannot attend to so many thoughts. I have said before, I will no longer pull you along the path, because time is too pressing. I do not have any more time to catch hold of you by the ear and caution you at every turn—it is not possible! You just finish your preparations for battle. I take full responsibility for you; all things are within My hands. This is a battle to the death, and either one side or the other is sure to perish. But you must be clear on this: I am forever victorious and unbeaten, and Satan will surely perish. This is My approach, My work, My will, and My plan!

It is done! All is done! Do not be faint-hearted or afraid. I with you, and you with Me, shall be kings forever and ever! My words, once spoken, will never change, and events will soon come upon you. Be watchful! You should ponder well every single line; do not be vague about My words anymore. You must be clear about them! You must remember—spend as much time as you can in My presence!

—The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. Utterances of Christ in the Beginning, Chapter 44

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