Daily Words of God: God's Disposition and What He Has and Is | Excerpt 246

August 8, 2020

Every sentence I have spoken holds the disposition of God. You would do well to ponder My words carefully, and you will surely profit greatly from them. The substance of God is very difficult to grasp, but I trust that you all have at least some knowledge of the disposition of God. I hope, then, that you will show Me and do more of that which does not offend the disposition of God. Then will I be reassured. For example, keep God in your heart at all times. When you act, keep to His word. Seek His thoughts in all things, and do not do that which disrespects and dishonors God. Furthermore, do not put God in the back of your mind to fill the future void in your heart. If you do so, then you will have offended the disposition of God. If you never make blasphemous remarks or complaints against God and are able to do properly all that He has entrusted to you throughout your life, as well as submit to all the words of God, then you have successfully avoided transgressing the administrative decrees. For example, if you have ever said “Why do I not think that He is God?” “I think that these words are nothing more than some enlightenment of the Holy Spirit,” “I do not think that everything God does is right,” “The humanity of God is not superior to mine,” “The word of God is simply not believable,” or other such judgmental remarks, then I exhort you to confess your sins and repent. Otherwise, you will never have a chance at forgiveness, for you offend not a man, but God Himself. You may believe that you are merely judging a man, but the Spirit of God does not consider it that way. Your disrespect of His flesh is equal to disrespecting of Him. If this is so, then have you not offended God’s disposition? You must remember that all that is done by the Spirit of God is to support His work in the flesh and to do such work well. If you disregard this, then I say that you are one who will never be able to succeed in believing in God. For you have provoked the wrath of God, so He must use fitting punishment to teach you a lesson.

Becoming familiar with the substance of God is no trifling matter. You must understand His disposition. In this way, you will gradually become familiar with the substance of God and thus simultaneously move forward to a greater and more beautiful state. In the end, you will come to feel ashamed of your odious soul, so much so that you are ashamed to show your face. At that time, you will less and less offend the disposition of God; your heart will become closer and closer to that of God, and gradually a love for Him will grow in your heart. This is a sign of mankind entering a beautiful state. But as of yet you have not attained this. You exhaust yourselves journeying to and fro for your destiny, so who would think to try and become familiar with the substance of God? Should this continue, you will unknowingly transgress against the administrative decrees for you know far too little of the disposition of God. So is what you do now not laying down a foundation for your offenses against the disposition of God? That I ask for you to understand the disposition of God is not at odds with My work. For if you transgress against the administrative decrees often, then who of you can escape punishment? Would My work then not have been entirely in vain? Therefore, I still ask that in addition to scrutinizing your own actions, that you be cautious with the steps you take. This is the greater demand I will make of you, and I hope that you will all consider it carefully and regard it with importance. Should a day come when your actions provoke Me to a towering rage, then the consequences will be yours alone to consider, and none other will bear the punishment in your place.

Excerpted from The Word Appears in the Flesh

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